Looking for a Career Switch From the Hospitality Industry? Intry Provides the Tools to Determine the Next Best Career Move

The hospitality industry is among the most hard-hit industries amid the pandemic. For those looking for a new career, Intry's TrueYou Assessment helps identify the best job match for candidates based on personality traits.

Job losses are mounting, and the hospitality industry has stood out as being among the most impacted by COVID-19. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 38% of all the jobs lost in April — 7.7 million jobs — were in the leisure and hospitality sector alone. Millions of Americans are now in a transitional phase, looking for answers on how to find work during this challenging time. Intry is using its tools and expertise in employment to address the concerns of job seekers, matching them up with their ideal career path based on personality traits discovered through their TrueYou Assessment. 

“My first piece of advice is to stay calm. Now is not the time to panic or feel desperate when searching for a new job,” says Jennifer Sethre, Founder and CEO of Intry. “During this time, reflect on the type of company you want to work for. There is hope, and there are still companies that are hiring.”

Intry’s TrueYou Assessment is a quick, easy, and accurate career personality assessment that determines a candidate’s ideal job match. The simple, five minute yes or no questionnaire provides candidates with their strongest work traits and identifies potential jobs and careers most suited to the candidate’s personality type. The information gleaned from the assessment helps candidates define their own career path by identifying their strengths and where they best fit.

For those facing uncertainty, unsure of what career path awaits them during the current economic downturn, the TrueYou assessment can provide a clear glimpse into determining their best qualities and how they translate into the professional world. Analyzing each candidate’s unique interests and characteristics means that each recommendation is made specifically for that candidate and that candidate alone.

Sethre adds, “Another piece of advice to keep in mind is that what worked 60 days ago might not necessarily work today. The landscape for searching for a new job will be more competitive than ever before, and candidates should be mindful of what they are putting on their resumes.”

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