79% of Employers Feel There Aren't Enough Skilled Workers Applying for Jobs: Intry is Helping to Connect Qualified Candidates With Employers

Applicant tracking systems filter out even the most qualified candidates, preventing employers from seeing 75% of resumes

Even the most qualified candidates are missing out on valuable opportunities to find stable employment due to overly strict filtering algorithms in applicant tracking systems (ATS). Intry’s online employment tools and resources are helping job seekers overcome the ATS hurdle and get their resumes in front of recruiters and HR to fill the perceived skills gap that many employers believe exist.

ATS tracking systems are the main culprit behind the startling number of resumes — up to 75% — that never actually reach a hiring manager or HR personnel. Developed to save time for HR staff reviewing thousands of resumes at a time, organizations utilize ATS software throughout the United States and miss out on the potential of hundreds of applicants. 

Intry helps job seekers overcome ATS with its sophisticated selection of online employment tools and resources, namely, its Jobs2Resume tool. Applicants simply copy and paste the job description into the tool, and it drafts a customized resume with relevant keywords to ensure that it meets the strict requirements of applicant tracking systems. Job seekers can have a unique resume, customized specifically for each job they apply to, greatly enhancing their chances of moving on to the next phase of employment.

The Jobs2Resume tool identifies important elements that the resume is missing. Users are given even greater control by picking and choosing which keywords they wish to include in the resume to improve their chances of overcoming applicant tracking systems.

Intry also offers customers unlimited downloads of their HybridResume templates. Whether an applicant is uploading an existing resume or starting from scratch, the HybridResume template will help job seekers with a solid starting point to developing the perfect resume. Intry’s patented formula improves the chances of being seen by up to 240%.

In addition to building resumes, Intry is also home to its own in-house job posting board, allowing job seekers to search over three million job listings and find the best and long-lasting careers.

To see how Intry’s Jobs2Resume tool can help job seekers overcome ATS software, visit https://www.intry.careers/job-2-resume.

Jennifer Sethre, Founder/CEO​
​Email: jsethre@intry.careers

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