Longevity Biotech Granted US Patent Covering Hybridtide Platform Technology for Stabilized Peptide Therapeutics

Longevity Biotech, Inc. (LBT) is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. Patent No. 9,782,454 covering the company's Hybridtide® platform technology — a revolutionary peptide technology originally developed in the academic laboratory of co-founder Professor Sam Gellman, Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin. This patent further expands the patent estate initially developed at the University of Wisconsin and exclusively licensed to Longevity Biotech. Longevity Biotech is developing this new class of peptide drugs for multiple chronic disease with the goal of reducing disease burden and improving overall quality and length of life.

The Hybridtide®  technology allows for the creation of synthetic molecules with dramatically increased durability and stability relative to conventional peptides. In addition, Hybridtides® readily mimic the structures of natural peptides and small proteins, retaining potency and specificity while improving the overall product profile. Hybridtides® are differentiated from peptides generated via other stabilization technologies, such as stapling or macrocyclization, as the changes are made to the interior of the molecules rather than the surface.

This patent is a key development for the company. It represents the first of multiple pending patents covering the core technology and associated assets

Scott Shandler, Ph.D., CEO

“Many medically important protein–protein interactions involve long, linear, helical structures. The Hybridtide® technology will allow researchers to target protein–protein interactions that other peptide stabilization technologies such as macrocycles and staples are unable to effectively address,” says Gellman.

“This patent is a key development for the company. It represents the first of multiple pending patents covering the core technology and associated assets,” said Scott Shandler, CEO.

The Hybridtide® technology has been applied to numerous targets including LBT-3627, a potent neuroprotective immunomodulator currently in development for Parkinson’s disease, and LBT-6030, a stabilized dual agonist (GLP-1/GIP) in development for type 2 diabetes.


Longevity Biotech, Inc. (LBT) is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pursuing numerous innovative programs based on the patented Hybridtide® platform technology. LBT's candidates display unique attributes that are expected to provide either first-in-class or best-in-class product profiles in their respective indications.

The Hybridtide® technology can be applied to most peptide programs and is available for partnership and/or co-development efforts as appropriate. For more information, visit http://www.longevitybiotech.com.


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