Logistics Consultant, Larry Mullne, Helps Texas Company Decrease Cost of Shipping Freight, Saving Millions

Larry Mullne has helped Allied Alloys save millions of dollars in transportation and logistics, and he has launched a new website to help other businesses optimize their shipping and transportation methods.

AA Logistics reduces costs that businesses incur when moving freight.

​​​​​​​Logistics Consultant, Larry Mullne has been working in the freight industry for over two decades. His experience has aided him in creating cost-saving plans for logistics companies. Most recently, Larry Mullne worked with Allied Alloys to implement a plan that would save them nearly 2 million dollars on over the road (OTR) transportation. AA Logistics is responsible for this press release.

Putting a company in control of the freight they ship is Larry Mullne’s priority

You have to understand this is a living circle, based on a mutually beneficial goal of moving our combined freight in either direction in a timely and cost-effective way, giving both parties cost savings.

Larry Mullne, Logistics Consultant

From experience, Larry Mullne knows that often the cost and timeliness of a shipment isn’t a big concern of third party brokers. As a logistics consultant, he uses his industry knowledge to help companies understand where they are losing money. After his evaluation, he uses a variety of contacts and connections he’s maintained in the industry to create an easy to understand cost-savings plan for companies. Larry’s 3 phase plan helps logistics companies gain control over their deliveries and their costs.

At Allied Alloys in Texas, Larry Mullne worked closely with their logistics department to implement a plan designed to save them more than 35% on their OTR transportation costs. Through a process of developing internal protocols and external relationships, Allied Alloys was able to save nearly 30% on their costs in just one year. Understanding the lanes they frequently used and how to maximize their routes was not only a big money saver but also made their employees less scattered. After the first year of the logistics consultant’s plan, Allied Alloys was in control of about 97% of all freight the shipped.

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Reasons Why AA Logistics is Different: 

  • They meet and exceed all clients' expectations​.
  • They believe in transparent communication​.
  • They focus only on their proficiencies.
  • They streamlined an efficient process, adding value throughout the shipment lifecycle​.
  • They use top-level technology.
  • They have proactive customer service.
  • They keep strong connections with their carriers.​
  • They maintain a deep understanding of trucking trends, contractual freight vs transactions freight and are trusted as an experienced shipper.​ 
  • They plan and understand lane traveled forecasting. They maximize back-haul capabilities.​
  • They are adaptable within the market with an ability to adjust on short notice, with no drastic fluctuations. They have set pricing and a constant capacity.​
  • They use vetted first-rate carriers.​
  • They are customer management driven and have no carrier conflict.​
  • They have a dedicated and committed team.

A Logistics consultant with a plan that works

Larry Mullne’s 3 phase plan has helped logistics companies save money and have better relationships with their drivers. As a logistics consultant, Larry knows what common mistakes and problems freight shipping companies face. It’s his mission to aide them in becoming more efficient with their time, their deliveries and their money. His 3 phase plan has proven effective at decreasing costs and minimizing the negative effects of the unpredictable trucking industry. Realistic in his approach, Larry Mullne doesn’t just try to fix everything at once like some consultants. He prides himself on being a logistics consultant who delivers predictable results. Call Larry Mullne to save money on logistics methods at 713-300-4054.

Over 20 years in the freight shipping business has given Larry Mullne enough experience to become an extremely effective logistics consultant. He understands that succeeding at being cost-effective is not a one time job. It requires consistent monitoring of the market and adaptability to work. He also tries his best to make sure the companies he works with understand they may need a logistics consultant more than once to stay on top of savings.

Larry Mullne is a results-driven logistics consultant with a realistic approach. Larry offers logistics consulting services to all freight shipping businesses. His services start with a comprehensive evaluation. He provides a detailed plan for cost savings and offers implementation guidance. Those looking to learn more about Larry’s approach and how to hire him as a logistic consultant can contact him directly at AA Logistics. Call 713-300-4054 for any questions about logistics consulting. 

Source: AA Logistics

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