Logistics Consultant, Larry Mullne, Helps Companies (Shippers) Decrease Freight Shipping Costs and Have Cost Control Over What They Ship

Larry Mullne now shares his expertise with other companies/business owners who are shipping freight to help them decrease their operating costs. Over the years, Larry has used his relationship-building skills to create a community of premium carriers/shippers that work together to decrease costs and ship more effectively. In his new role, he will share his expertise and help freight shipping companies implement a three-phase plan that cuts costs and increases productivity.

AA Logistics Trucking reduces costs that businesses incur when moving freight.

​​​​For 20 years, Larry Mullne has worked in the transportation and freight industry.  Involved in the functionality of how freight is shipped, he now offers a three-phase program for companies seeking transportation and freight consulting. His program capitalizes on opportunities for a company to decrease costs and maintain control over what they ship.

As an independent logistics consultant, Larry Mullne, helps companies find ways to control over the road (OTR) costs.

Much of Larry Mullne’s experience has enabled him to fully understand the problems that today’s freight shippers face. Utilizing this knowledge, his three-phase program focuses on the major challenges that freight shippers face.  

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One of the ways that Larry Mullne has succeeded as a transportation and logistics manager/consultant is by providing a clear and easy plan to identify results. His plan involves a deep analysis of how a company is currently carrying their freight. Using a plan he has carefully developed, Larry Mullne identifies where a shipper is losing money. Implementing a cost-saving plan to fix this problem involves utilizing protocols and procedures, frequently traveled lanes and back hauls to increase effectiveness and decrease cost.

Decrease over the road costs with an independent logistics consultant by visiting www.aalogistcstrucking.com or calling 713-300-4054.

Larry Mullne puts the control of what’s shipped back into the hands of the freight shipper, not the carriers.

His approach as an independent logistics consult is about building and maintaining relationships in the industry. For years, Larry Mullne, saw company after company struggle with third parties not caring about the condition or timeliness of their deliveries. That’s why phase two and three of his program is focused on creating a relationship that allow a company to control over 95% of their own freight.

Using the connections he developed over 20 years working in transportation and logistics, Larry helps set up partnerships and contracts between premium shippers and carriers nationwide.  This allows companies to be in control of their freight and eliminates the need to use costly and ineffective brokers.  By building and maintaining these relationships, both shipping companies are able to help each other decrease costs and improve customer service. As a result, companies that have hired Larry as an independent logistics consultant now feel empowered because they ship for themselves and know their service remains professional and on time.

Hire Larry Mullne with AA Logistics consulting to build long term partnerships by visiting www.aalogisticstrucking.com or calling 713-300-4054.

Larry Mullne is a highly qualified logistics consultant with over 20 years of experience in the freight shipping industry.

Larry Mullne is a Texas-based logistics consultant, specializing in freight and logistics consulting. Using more than two decades of experience, he developed a three-phase program designed to help freight shipping companies decrease their costs by implementing policy and procedure changes. As an independent logistics consultant, he helps shippers evaluate their policies to develop a customized plan of action. Once the plan of action is created, Larry works with the company to implement all three phases and save an estimated 30% on over the road costs. For more information about Larry Mullne/AA Logistics transportation and logistics consulting services, freight shipping managers should visit his website online or contact him directly to set up an appointment for an evaluation. Go to www.aalogistcstrucking.com or calling 713-300-4054.

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