Local Security Partners With RSPNDR

Live patrol dispatch can now be offered in all markets.

Local Security

Local Security, a Canadian security technology company, has partnered with RSPNDR to offer one-click guard response services throughout North America.

The companies will offer an end-to-end solution that starts with the remote monitoring of all activities. Each type of service will have a custom response procedure using Local Security's built-in Actions and SLA engine. Dispatches of live patrollers will be handled through RSPNDR's network of distributed mobile guard companies to secure the sites on demand and provide transparency and reporting.

"Fast access to reliable security patrol services is a perfect addition to the Local Security platform," said Adam Power, CEO, Local Security. "Our partners coast-to-coast can now dispatch a trained RSPNDR guard with the click of a button, which completely eliminates the typical bottlenecks of live dispatch."

"The combination of Local Security's VaaS and RSPNDR's distributed guard network offers customers the best of both worlds," said Mark Zimmerman, CEO, RSPNDR. "Consumers will get great remote monitoring every day and the fastest on-site response when they need it."

Local Security supports service providers around the world. The Local Security platform offers analytics and real-time insights, and connects directly to a network of security guards, ECC's, and local support agencies, avoiding unnecessary phone calls and wait time to dispatch in response to an incident. Local Security works with guard service providers, systems integrators, and IT service providers to equip them with advanced technologies to better serve their clients.

Sought-after products include Bounty Hunter and Camera Glue. Bounty Hunter helps service providers make every mission a success. The toolkit allows Surveillance Operations Centers an end-to-end solution for managing incidents from a video-first perspective. Camera Glue connects to virtually any stream source including IP cameras, NVRs, hybrid encoders & more. Powerful remote tools allow you to manage every aspect of multi-site video surveillance networks.



The Local Security suite integrates best-in-class cloud video management, AI computer vision, and a proprietary workflow management technology.

The platform creates a robust connection between video operators and emergency responders in 6500+ jurisdictions.

All of these products and services together create a complementary ecosystem that enables local security organizations to deliver best-in-class security services.


Devon Thomas
President, Local Security

Source: Local Security


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