Local Security Partners With EyeQ Monitoring, Invest $25M in Growth Fund

Capital Fund Reserved For Local Security Partners

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Local Security, a Canadian security technology company, today announced a partnership with EyeQ Monitoring to foster growth in the video monitoring sector. Established in 2007, EyeQ Monitoring is one of the largest providers of live video monitoring in the United States.

With this partnership, solutions providers will be able to access capital from the 25 million dollar fund to grow their video monitoring portfolios. Investments by EyeQ into customer acquisition, system design, and implementation are planned, as is the eventual growth of the fund itself.

The fund will also support organizations with non-profit status by allowing them to access special capital for facilities improvements and lone worker solutions. Pilots are currently underway in Canada with expansion to the USA planned for Fall 2021.

"Local Security is committed to partnerships with communities and the organizations that use cutting-edge technology to secure them," said Adam Power, CEO, Local Security. "Our partners can now access the critical funding required to meet their goals. EyeQ is a clear thought leader in the marketplace, with a reputation for service delivery excellence. We are excited to bring their expertise into our partner ecosystem."

"We are incredibly excited to be able to partner with Local Security and other innovative solution providers who have wanted to better serve their customers with remote video solutions but previously didn't have access to reliable partners to do so," said Markus Scott, CEO, EyeQ Monitoring. "Although we have been excited about making this investment in the industry for several years, we felt it critical to first ensure we had a high-quality product and training team available to assist our partners not only sign-up customers; but also ensure their long-term satisfaction. With more than a decade in remote video solutions, we are now excited to not only offer those operational resources and experience but also to provide much-needed capital to help our partners grow their business well. We are even more excited for the partnership with Local Security as they also are building solutions that not only differentiate their partner ecosystem but that will enhance the efficacy of our services and all emergency responders."

To learn more about the partnership, visit: http://go.localsecurity.io/partners/eyeq



The Local Security suite integrates best-in-class cloud video management, AI computer vision, and a proprietary workflow management technology. The platform creates a robust connection between video operators and emergency responders in 6500+ jurisdictions. Together, these products and services enable local security organizations to deliver best-in-class security services.

Sought-after products include Bounty Hunter and Camera Glue. Bounty Hunter helps service providers make every mission a success. Camera Glue connects to virtually any stream source including IP cameras, NVRs, hybrid encoders & more. The toolkit allows Surveillance Operations Centers an end-to-end solution for managing incidents from a video-first perspective.


Established in 2007, EyeQ Monitoring is one of the largest providers of live video monitoring in the United States. EyeQ installs and maintains the latest video surveillance technology across the U.S. and employs and trains agents to monitor those systems remotely at all hours. In 2017 alone EyeQ Monitoring issued more than 5,000 police reports, saving customers an estimated $20 million in potential losses. EyeQ Monitoring has grown rapidly to its current 33-state footprint. For more information, visit eyeqmonitoring.com and follow EyeQ on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Devon Thomas
President, Local Security

Markus A. Scott
Chief Guard Dog, EyeQ Monitoring

Source: Local Security


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