Local Home Services Company Continues Its Mission to Educate Consumers on How to Choose Qualified Contractors

Flat Rate Home Services would like consumers to be aware of the difference between commercial, residential and service and repair plumbers.

A plumber is defined as a person who installs and repairs the pipes and fittings of water supply, sanitation or heating systems. Does this mean you would call the same plumber to install a new kitchen in a school, fix your leaky water heater or build a bathroom in an office building? 

"The internet and ability for anyone to create a flashy website can influence the average person when choosing a plumber or any service company, for that matter. During economic downtimes especially, you see out of work commercial and residential new construction plumbers starting service and repair plumbing companies from their home or garage. We want to educate consumers and show them there is a drastic difference in commercial, residential, and service/repair plumbers," said Ryan Gumieny, Vice President of Flat Rate.

Commercial plumbers are trained to work on large public plumbing systems like hospitals, schools, shopping centers and plumbing used by industrial equipment. They are trained to use large tools and equipment that are used for a variety of job specific applications. Their training and on the job experience in residential service and repair is usually not sufficient.

Residential plumbers are the trained men and woman that install plumbing in new construction and additions on homes. Like commercial plumbers, they have the necessary skill in their specific area of plumbing and have an 8 hour work day mindset. Even though they install the pipes that make up a home's plumbing system, they often lack the ability to provide the service and repair needs of a home and its owners.

Service and repair is the type of plumber the average homeowner needs. These technicians receive technical training and have an ability to problem solve any problem that arises in your home. Each time a service and repair plumber shows up to a jobsite, there is a new, different task. Servicemen and woman must have communicative skills that are essential when working in a customer's home, not like those required in a commercial or new construction setting.

"Consumers should know that when you need a plumber to service your home, it is crucial that you are hiring the right company - as well as the right kind of plumber," added Ryan.

About Flat Rate Home Services

Since 1989, our goal has always been to become the premier home services provider. Our years of experience serving the entire Southeastern Wisconsin area have made us the trusted plumbing, heating, cooling and bathroom remodeling professionals. 


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About Flat Rate Home Services

Since 1989, our goal has always been to become the premier home services provider. Our years of experience serving the entire Southeastern Wisconsin area, have made us the trusted plumbing, heating, and air conditioning professionals.

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