Local Hair Stylist Develops New Business Strategy in the Midst of the Pandemic

Makia Underwood makes the best of the pandemic by expanding her offerings.

The worldwide pandemic has been detrimental to businesses everywhere. Small businesses have been hit especially hard, and many will not recover. Instead of continuing on her current course, Makia Underwood, owner of Hair Trance Boutique and local hairstylist entrepreneur, has made a pivot and taken the opportunity to expand her business offerings. Because of this transition, her business has not only survived but it has thrived during the pandemic.

Makia Underwood specializes in wigs, extensions, and weaves. Her goal is to help women of any age and ethnicity to cultivate hair that they love. Underwood believes that hair is a confidence booster and wants her clients to feel confident. During the pandemic, Underwood began looking for new and innovative ways to expand her business. She received coaching and support from A Plus Business Coaching & Marketing LLC throughout her re-branding efforts. Now, she works on men's hair as well as women's. Underwood has reconstructed her brand to offer more to her clients during uncertain times. She has recently been hired by a prestigious urban designer to spend a weekend in Los Angeles creating a variety of hairstyles for weekend events. Underwood has also expanded her business to include styling for local weddings, professional photoshoots, important job meetings, and award ceremonies.

Makia Underwood is a Philadelphia-based stylist with over 20 years of experience working with wigs and weaves. As an entrepreneur, she has faced many challenges, but has found a way to push on even in uncertain times. More information can be found at https://www.nyelamonetrance.com.

Media Contact: Makia Underwood

Company: Hair Trance Boutique

Email: contact@nyelamonetrance.com

Source: Hair Trance Boutique


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