Flavaz Catering Company Expands Services to Flavaz Studio, a Pop-Up Restaurant Tailored for Each Event

Flavaz is the brainchild of Tania Watson, a passionate chef and entrepreneur. In the wake of rising social activities after the pandemic, Flavaz is moving towards Flavaz Studio located in Collegeville, PA. Flavaz Studio is a rental studio offering customizable catering and dining needs.

The "Flavaz" Experience

As businesses start to reopen in Pennsylvania, the demand for catering services is back on the rise. Companies and families are rushing to host dinner parties and special events with delicious foods and beverages once again. Flavaz is one such catering company that is not wasting any time delivering valuable experiences and partnerships to small businesses and private individuals of the local community.

Flavaz is gearing up for the grand opening of Flavaz Studio, the company's flagship commissary kitchen and event venue. The studio is located in the amazing town of Collegeville, Pa. With a rapidly growing clientele and increasing inquiries, Flavaz will be introducing a pop-up restaurant and opening its previously booked catering event calendar for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

"Our main goal is to bring back the feeling of family dinner at the dining room table," said Tania Watson, Head Chef and CEO at Flavaz LLC. "We serve fresh, mouthwatering comfort foods, paired with a high-quality customized dining experience to set the tone of an event. We've gotten so many bookings that we had no choice but to expand our services to Flavaz Studio and Commissary Kitchen. The next big step in our effort to expand our reach to new clientele is to offer them to come and 'taste the experience' with our exclusive events and pop-up restaurant. We also have a variety of add-on options that our clients can choose from, including bar service and grazing displays," added Tania.

Tania and her team operate the company's website, Flavaz.org, which provides potential clients with more information and inspirational food catering ideas for their events.

About Flavaz LLC:

Flavaz has a highly sought-after calendar. The former cosmetologist turned full-time chef received business coaching and support from A Plus Business Coaching & Marketing LLC throughout her journey of entrepreneurial development. Tania Watson runs Flavaz flawlessly and makes sure that her company stays at the forefront of the industry. Tania was born and raised by her grandmother in Norristown, Pa. Her grandmother inspired Tania's passion for cooking, and she eventually elevated her cooking experiences to a real-life catering business of her own. 

Contact Information:
Chef: Tania Watson
Company Name: Flavaz LLC
Website: https://www.flavaz.org
Email: Info@flavaz.org
Phone: (484) 902-8475

Source: Flavaz Catering Company