Loadchief, Velo Payments Team Up to Transform Last-Mile Delivery Payments

Partnership addresses disconnect in last-mile payments challenge.

Two platforms that are transforming the on-demand economy, Velo Payments and Loadchief, today announced a new partnership to modernize driver payments in the final-mile delivery marketplace. The agreement will offer the most flexible and easiest-to-use payment service for delivery companies to compensate independent drivers.

Loadchief connects delivery companies with professional, independent drivers to provide contract delivery services. With Loadchief, companies can post delivery work to the marketplace and only credentialed drivers matching their job requirements can accept the work. In doing so, the system brings a higher level of performance to the last-mile delivery sector.

The Velo/Loadchief partnership addresses the current disconnect in payment processing. Delivery drivers typically want rapid payment, but courier companies often get paid by their customers monthly. Working with Velo, Loadchief customers will be able to utilize a broad range of payment options that meet their unique needs, as well as the needs of the drivers.

"Delivery companies increasingly rely on independent contractors but typically have limited options of how and when they pay them," stated Loadchief President JC Burnett. "This partnership provides a new level of flexibility and will allow even more companies to enjoy the Loadchief Advantage of professional independent drivers for routed and on-demand work."

Velo provides a payments orchestration platform that automates payouts from businesses to their vendors and independent workforces. Velo onboards and captures the payment preferences of buyers, vendors, and contract workers, then finds optimized payout outcomes that consider the speed, cost, and predictability of available payment methods. Couriers and independent drivers make payments and get paid in ways that are unique to their individual needs via Loadchief.

According to John Partridge, CEO of Velo Payments, "Velo is thrilled to work with Loadchief to bring payments to their market-changing service. Velo was built to make payments effortless, and we are looking forward to reshaping how courier companies source and pay independent contractors."

About Loadchief

Loadchief is a revolutionary platform connecting delivery companies with credentialed, independent drivers to provide on-demand and routed delivery services. Using the platform, courier companies can increase their delivery reach and open new markets with an on-demand pool of carefully vetted and professional contractors. Loadchief was created by logistics professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in the delivery industry.

Learn more about Loadchief at https://www.loadchief.com.

About Velo

Velo solves complex business payment problems by orchestrating money movement for business customers. Velo lowers the burden on accounting teams by capturing the payment preferences of buyers and suppliers. Velo intelligently automating payouts saves time and money while simultaneously reducing errors and uncertainty. Velo exceeds the enterprise-grade, high-security expectations of the most demanding banks, financial institutions and large enterprises.

Learn more about Velo at: https://www.velopayments.com.

Media Contact: George Passantino, 661-400-5840, George@Loadchief.com

Source: Loadchief