Loadchief Adopts Velo Payments Blockchain to Fortify Last-Mile Delivery

Blockchain will offer beefed-up defense for growing number of delivery-industry transactions

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Loadchief, a leading digital platform that connects delivery companies with credentialed "ready-to-go" professional drivers, today announced the industry's first blockchain integration. As commerce continues to shift to digital platforms that use on-demand drivers and real-time payments, the risk of bad actors and cyber criminals also increases. Powered by VeloChain from Velo Payments, the new Loadchief integration will increase transactional security, verification, and archival capabilities across the system.

"Blockchain is a vital milestone to fortify the last-mile delivery ecosystem against cybercrime," said Louis Esbin, CEO of Loadchief. "As more and more payments go digital, blockchain is a vital shield to protect the integrity of our systems."

The integration of VeloChain to Loadchief's platform allows each stakeholder in the delivery chain (customers, drivers, delivery companies, etc.) to verify their own part in the delivery process. Importantly, all parties can feel secure knowing that their data is cryptographically secure, verifiable and undisputable. The data can also be stored in such a way as to limit particularly sensitive data to only one user, such as personally identifiable information.

"Drivers must trust that the work they do will be compensated correctly. Delivery companies must trust that the transactions they are paying occurred. Blockchain provides a digital stamp of confidence for both, enabling more transactions between a wider range of companies and individuals," said Esbin.

"The last-mile delivery industry is an ideal application of VeloChain. Each stakeholder needs to know that their view of the transaction is accurately represented," said John Davies, CTO of Velo Payments. "There is, sadly, not always trust between businesses, especially with short-term, ad hoc transactions. VeloChain provides that trust without compromising privacy or security."

About Loadchief

Loadchief is a revolutionary platform connecting delivery companies with credentialed, independent drivers to provide on-demand and routed delivery services. Using the platform, delivery companies can increase their delivery reach and open new markets with an on-demand pool of carefully vetted and professional "ready to go" contractor-drivers.

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About Velo Payments

Velo solves complex business payments problems for business customers by lowering the burden on internal accounting teams. By intelligently automating payouts, companies save time and money while simultaneously reducing errors and uncertainty. Velo exceeds the enterprise-grade, high security expectations of the most demanding banks, financial institutions and large enterprises.

Learn more about Velo at https://www.velopayments.com.

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