Live College Football Betting Among the Most Popular Features of IDSCA's 2017 Platform

The pay per head software services NFL and College Football bettors internationally.


As the world's leading Pay Per Head online betting platform, IDSCA has become the most popular service for college football and NFL aficionados in placing live wagers in 2017. The website is reporting a record amount of users placing action on both college and the pros entering the fall of 2017.

Through their PC and smart device responsive technology, bookies, serious bettors and recreational players can keep tabs on up-to-the-second line changes, analysis and scores throughout all of the football action taking place. IDSCA also welcomes organizers who want to start competitive betting among groups of friends and offers a multitude of performance reports for each player.  

As lines change in real time based on the public's betting action online and in Vegas, IDSCA's pay per head software provides all players with the most up to date and accurate lines. The mobile-friendly online betting platform supports real-time odds for any type of football action, whether it be full-game spreads, half-time spreads, full game over-and-unders, haltime over-and-unders, prop bets and moneylines. Each of the betting options are available for both NCAA Football and NFL action. The fast, secure and dedicated servers guarantee no downtime on the site, ensuring users of every style of wagering that picks will be accurately posted in a timely fashion.

Further adding value to the players, IDSCA provides metrics on prevailing trends before games to help make the most informed decisions possible. Also, beyond 24/7 availability of live betting online, members can place bets via a live phone number available in five languages. Features in the bookie software include the ability to customize and white-label the online software presented to clients.  

For more information, or to make a media inquiry, contact IDSCA at (866) 255-5437.

Source: IDSCA


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