Little Orbit and Descendent Studios Reach Settlement on Long Awaited 6DOF Shooter

Project formerly known as a Descent® reboot can now move forward

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Little Orbit Inc. and Descendent Studios are pleased to announce they have reached a settlement to their ongoing dispute. An agreement has been reached for Little Orbit to purchase all rights, game IP, and assets relating to the computer and video game referred to as Ships That Fight Underground and formerly referred to as the "Descent®" reboot. Moving forward, Little Orbit shall be solely responsible for the development and publishing of the game. 

Matt Scott, President and CEO of Little Orbit added: "Both parties know this has been a challenging situation for all involved, and Little Orbit will be providing more details soon for the rest of the game's development schedule and release."

Eric Peterson, President of Descendent, stated: "We are happy to have this matter resolved, and look forward to the fans getting the game we built released." 

Descendent Studios wishes Little Orbit success and good luck moving forward. Most of all, both parties are excited to finally get the game into the hands of the backers and players who have waited so long.

Descent® is a trademark of Interplay Entertainment Corp.

About Little Orbit

Little Orbit is a worldwide video game publisher formed in January 2010 with a focus on AAA licensed-based entertainment products. The company's emphasis is on working with popular creators to extend their vision into games through transmedia storytelling and engaging content for all gaming platforms.

About Descendent Studios, Inc.

Descendent is an independent game development studio based in Austin, TX. The studio's team includes several industry veterans who worked on titles such as Wing Commander, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Conquest Frontier Wars, Starlancer, Star Citizen, and Ultima Online.


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