LIQWID® Launches Waterfall Optimizer Enabling Effective Yield Management Across Multiple Programmatic Platforms

LIQWID expands the benefits of its ad.Inject monetization solution for digital publishers by enabling Variable Pricing and Yield Management across multiple revenue sources, including direct sales and programmatic.

LIQWID®  Waterfall Optimizer

LIQWID launches Waterfall Optimizer, a Yield Management for Programmatic Waterfalls feature of the ad.Inject monetization platform, enabling for pricing analysis, implementation and optimization across multiple revenue sources, including direct sales and variable pricing via programmatic auctions.

Different from the Prebid.js header bidding tag approach, LIQWID ad.Inject does not require publishers to implement their programmatic solution based on a chosen programmatic partner, or a set of partners, with each of whom they need to build direct relationships. LIQWID Waterfall Optimizer is included in the ad.Inject all-in-one footer tag engine and is already integrated to the best programmatic platforms that allows for a quick and easy implementation of the most effective pricing strategy across multiple exchanges and RTBs using a single combined report.

An easy-to read Pricing Analysis and Data Visualization interface interprets the data and enables real-time decision making and Variable Pricing implementation without going to each partner’s interface separately. Publishers save time and money while significantly increasing their options for effective pricing strategy, yield optimization and incremental revenue opportunities beyond the capabilities of an individual demand partner.

“Today publishers can identify on the market and integrate programmatic demand partners separately based on their preferences, including solutions that authenticate an ad impression, before it is bid on, to ensure it is delivered in a viewable, brand-safe and fraud-free environment,” says Jim Rowan, LIQWID Chairman and President. “Great, but does any individual partner, even with great quality controls, necessarily result in the best pricing and highest overall revenue potential? Certainly, not. Analyzing the data for decision-making on the demand side across multiple programmatic platforms is not a trivial task even for a big and sophisticated publisher. To be able to manage "real-time pricing" while considering the bidding trends on the platforms outside of the publisher’s pre bid stack [relationships] is impossible. LIQWID’s Waterfall Optimizer for yield management solves this challenge through a plug-and-play approach, which allows for a highly effective and optimized waterfall across the best programmatic platforms without any programming or integration required. But that’s not all. Thanks to the LIQWID ad.Inject architecture, all revenue is entirely incremental and based on viewable ads, only. Plus, publishers are enabled to sell and run 100% viewable ads directly and having programmatic and the direct-sales pricing strategies in the mix.”

“With LIQWID ad.Inject, all impressions are created equal, enabling publishers to sell directly and run programmatic based on 100% viewability,“ adds Nik Mentchoukov, CEO of LIQWID. “Now LIQWID also provide tools for effective pricing of these “equal” impressions, increasing marginal revenue opportunities using econometrics. These opportunities arise from segmentation of different revenue sources and programmatic players based on the specificity of their market niche and business model. For example, if a call to multiple demand partners is made via a Prebid solution with expectations that a single floor price of $3.00 CPM will create enough demand to sell 1,000 impressions of inventory, this could result in about $3 in revenue. However, the same Price/Demand relationship yields $4-$6 if the opportunity for impressions are presented with multiple prices relevant to the market segment of each demand player. The retargeting models versus performance-based or direct media buys would have different objectives and would consider different bidding prices that work for them based on multiple criteria. To put it simply, with LIQWID publishers will make more money, all incremental.”


LIQWID®, a brand of LeftsnRights, Inc., was founded by Nikolai Mentchoukov and Jim Rowan in 2010. Today LIQWID is a global provider of digital viewable inventory via an array of technological solutions enabling the market to sell, buy, and run only viewable ads. LIQWID ad.Inject all-In-one tag advertising engine injects display, skins, video, and adaptive ads into the viewport of the viewers’ browser on the fly programmatically, creating new, premium inventory for programmatic and traditional media buys. For more information, visit or contact Nikolai Mentchoukov at 800-870-5006 or nm(at)liqwid(dot)com.

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LIQWID is a global provider of digital viewable inventory via an array of technological solutions enabling the market to sell, buy, and run only viewable ads.

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