Liquid Compass to Debut Exclusive Advertising Streaming Technologies at NAB Show 2012

New Features for Streaming Platform Include Listener Polling, Couponing and Player Takeovers, Bring Broadcasters Unprecedented Advertising Options

At NAB 2012 in Las Vegas, Liquid Compass, in conjunction with their partner AdsWizz, will announce the release of several new advertising technologies for the LC Pro 2.0 streaming platform. These new features give radio broadcasters more inventory to sell while making their streaming desktop and mobile players more interactive to attract and retain listeners.

"Our goal is to equip terrestrial and Internet radio broadcasters with the necessary tools to help grow their audience while monetizing new revenue streams," said Zackary Lewis, CEO and founder of Liquid Compass. "No other streaming company offers the granular level of advertising and hyper-targeting features that are offered through the Liquid Compass and AdsWizz integrated platform. Our options far surpass video pre-rolls and in-stream ads, while providing a highly customized streaming media player. In the end, we offer listeners more interactivity and advertisers more space to sell."

The new LC Pro 2.0, built in HTML 5, offers broadcasters the following exclusive new features:

• "Portable" Now Playing Widget: New functionality allows listeners to connect with their favorite artists or discover new music directly from the player, or through a portable now playing widget that is accessible through the station's website and, or homepage. Listeners can click to watch the song's video, read artist biographical information and get song details, lyrics or concert dates. Users can give feedback, rate the music, click on a heart to show the song as a favorite or purchase the song from iTunes or Amazon. Consumers can also share the song with their friends in up to 10 different ways, including Facebook, Twitter and email.

• Custom Couponing: Advertisers can deliver a "daily deal" or coupon for listeners that can be printed directly from the player. These coupons - discounts at a local restaurant, a "buy one, get one free" offer from a store, etc. - can be scheduled to run at specific times of the day through AdsWizz.

• Custom Polling: Broadcasters can now survey listeners on any topic directly through the player. Detailed listener information is available to share with advertisers to tailor campaigns for specific target audiences. With readily available statistics, which can be viewed inside of Liquid Compass's online Client Control Center, this feature provides a new and significant way to more deeply understand the audience and further monetize streaming revenue.

• Player Takeovers: This unique feature enables the media player to be highly customized on the fly with sophisticated backgrounds through AdsWizz. For example, if a radio station is promoting breakfast specials from a restaurant chain during the morning drive, and another for lunch and dinner, they can create a customized player that features images in the background "skin" of the player to run at specified times (or day-parts) to support the promotion.

• Updated Player Tools: Using the Client Control Center, broadcasters can change the "skin" of the media player in just seconds to change the look and the feel of the product. Stations can choose to modify the "skin" of the player seasonally or even weekly. Stations can add in Facebook and Twitter feeds or further monetize the stream by selling links to advertisers that appear in the player. Broadcasters with multiple stations can easily and quickly toggle back and forth between their stations using the Client Control Center. Additionally, listeners can customize the player for different viewing modes based on their preferences, making for a better listening experience.

"These intuitively designed and thoughtfully executed features provide a service unlike any on the market. Radio stations and advertisers alike can optimize these features to control virtually every aspect of their streaming radio experience while increasing monetization opportunities and better serving their interactive user base," said Lewis.

Through this new player, Liquid Compass and AdsWizz can also hyper-target advertising by geography (beyond just DMA, state, country, zip code, longitude and latitude options are also available), device (desktop, mobile, Internet radio, iTunes, etc) and browser (IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc).

About Liquid Compass

Liquid Compass is a premier streaming delivery network headquartered in Denver, Colorado. In addition to a wide array of stream hosting services for desktop and mobile applications, Liquid Compass is also the leading developer of customizable media players and radio streaming applications. Currently, Liquid Compass provides streaming media services to over 1,000 radio stations in markets throughout the U.S., including: Cromwell Radio, Bonneville, Crawford Broadcasting, Sandusky Broadcasting, Saga Communications, Salem Communications and more. More information about Liquid Compass is available at