Liquid Compass Financial Performance Steady in 2011

After a Decade of Trending Revenue Growth and Diversification of Services, Liquid Compass Now Poised to Lead the Digital Evolution of Local Radio

After a decade of change in the terrestrial radio industry, Liquid Compass enters 2012 with a steady growth record in both revenues and in building a diversified portfolio of new network streaming products and services.

"We're very pleased with our company's performance over the last ten years, not only in organic revenue growth but in delivering our customers a product suite designed to keep local radio alive and thriving in today's changing media landscape," said Zackary Lewis, Liquid Compass founder and CEO.

Liquid Compass experienced significant growth last year from encoder licensing revenues, podcasting, and especially with its integrated partnership with AdsWizz, which allows Liquid Compass to offer radio broadcasters with a revolutionary advertising insertion software platform. This service has been successful in integrating the previously fractured and disconnected system that radio stations were forced to work with into a seamless, streaming delivery network.

"We've built a product foundation on top of our streaming services that we believe delivers a renaissance opportunity for our customers to position their stations, and radio itself, as a regionalized, digital marketing tool," said Stephen Guillot, Liquid Compass COO. "Over the last year alone, revenues per customer have increased by nearly 25 percent as a result of both satisfaction with Liquid Compass's product and the addition of valuable new services that we continue to develop, like on-demand, up 83 percent from the previous year, and new products like Android and iPhone apps that are already bringing in strong revenues after being introduced just last year. More and more, our customers are learning to monetize their offerings with our a la carte services, some of which have realized 50- to 100-percent year-over-year sales increases for the company."

Liquid Compass is addressing the needs of small- to mid-size broadcasters who require a streaming solution but are constrained by budget, and for larger broadcasters, the company is compiling increasingly sophisticated packages that provide more robust, technical networks. With the launch of the LC Pro 2.0 streaming platform and popular new features including lyrics, tour dates and purchasing options, listeners are staying tuned in longer.

"With the LC Pro 2.0 desktop media player platform, and the innovative products we plan to launch later this year, we're teaching broadcasters how to deliver their content and targeted advertising better, cheaper and faster to consumers," said Guillot. "We're changing the way radio stations interact with their listeners, and at the same time showing them how they can monetize their businesses by delivering quality, content and accessibility across multiple devices including PCs, smart phones and tablets."

About Liquid Compass

Liquid Compass is a premier streaming delivery network headquartered in Denver. In addition to a wide array of stream hosting services for desktop and mobile applications, Liquid Compass is also the leading developer of customizable media players and radio streaming applications. Currently, Liquid Compass provides streaming media services to over 1,000 radio stations in markets throughout the U.S., including: Cromwell Radio, Bonneville, Hubbard Radio, Crawford Broadcasting, Sandusky Broadcasting, Saga Communications, Salem Communications and more. More information about Liquid Compass is available at