LionCooler Announces Launch of LiON Mini - Battery & Solar Powered Car Freezer

LionCooler, an innovator dedicated to providing off-grid and portable power solutions for home and auto, just announced the launch of LiON Mini, the world's first battery + solar powered portable freezer designed for road trips and outdoor recreation. Specially designed to fit in cars, trucks, and vans, LiON Mini keeps chilled food and beverages right within reach for any road trip or adventure. With solar recharging, powerful battery backup for device charging and dual-temp functions, this useful new freezer/cooler is the ultimate on-the-go companion and is available now on Kickstarter:

The problem with keeping refreshments in a traditional cooler is that sooner or later, the ice melts and items become watery and messy. This situation is especially problematic in a car. LiON Mini solves this dilemma by utilizing advanced ice-free tech which keeps food and beverages cool, dry and fresh at all times without the need for ice. Unlike other thermoelectric coolers, LiON Mini is powered by a high-quality DC Compressor that can be adjusted from 20° to -20° without having temperature affected by the weather. This gives LiON Mini the ability to act as a cooler or freezer depending on the user's needs. With its unique size designed especially for the space between auto front seats, LiON Mini keeps chilled food and beverages right within reach.

"Car coolers have been around for a while but until now have suffered from certain limitations. The biggest flaw being that they needed to remain plugged into auto power or battery converters to function. This meant that their usefulness ended when the ride was over. Now, with LiON Mini, whether you are on a road trip, at the beach, or camping, any trip is better and cool beverages are always at hand." - LionCooler CEO Jeffrey Tang

It is not necessary to keep LiON Mini plugged into a car or an electrical outlet during use. The long-lasting built-in Lithium-ion battery can operate for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted chilling between charges. LiON Mini has 3 fast charging methods including AC power, DC charging, and solar power, giving users the ultimate in versatility and power in any situation. It can be plugged into an AC outlet to charge at home, powered with a 12V vehicle charger in the car, or be charged up with solar power while off the grid. Equipped with a built-in 193Wh power bank, LiON Mini can be used as a multifunctional power source. With up to 24v output, it provides ample charging during camping trips or as an emergency backup power source at home.

With ice-free tech, powerful features and ultimate convenience, LiON Mini lets people enjoy refreshing cool beverages and fresh food anytime, anywhere. It is the ultimate solution for off-grid situations, outdoor recreation, and family adventures. LiON Mini is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more visit here:

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