Linwick & Associates Launches New Masterclass With Dr. Lisa J. Lindsay Wicker

7 Steps to Shatter The Limits

Shatter the Limits Masterclass with Dr. Lisa J. Lindsay Wicker

​​​​Linwick & Associates announced today that the iconic and influential award-winning international businesswoman, Dr. Lisa J. Lindsay Wicker, will teach leadership and capacity in a new online Masterclass: Shatter The Limits for women. 

In this class, Dr. Lisa J. Lindsay Wicker masterfully guides women out of the mold of “limitation,” self-imposed or otherwise. Much like a Master Builder, she thoroughly inspects the current design for your life, and through her 7 C’s, helps women think and learn differently. The difference, at the completion of the reconstruction, is a master plan designed and created to help break free and live a life without limits. At the foundation, “there are guiding principles of how you do it,” says Dr. Wicker. “Designing a frame of reference for high-achieving women stretching into the uppermost heights of life and career is based upon my own story of being reared in the Mississippi Delta and ascending from a college intern to an executive in Corporate America at some of the world’s largest organizations. I learned early on that my purse is not my worth and that human capital is golden. I was taught that giving up is not an option and detours are planned in advance, for repairs and maintenance needs that arise in working with trained, qualified, and reliable teams.”

Brand Authority and Career Strategy Master, Dr. Wicker uses her career story as a depository for the participants to exchange a lack of commitment to preparedness. A recurring theme in the class is readiness. Dr. Wicker describes readiness as a choice? Are you ready to design a limitless future? If so, the keys to a successful rebuild in life and career are to Shatter the Limits (#STL).

With her exposure to leaders and teams within business communities across Corporate America and far beyond the U.S. borders, Dr. Wicker has inspired women to gain the confidence to climb the ladder so many find themselves stuck on. Participants open to exchanging the ant for the elephant approach to leadership both in life and work will benefit from this masterclass.

You may be impressed at the range of teams that Dr. Wicker has led. She is most known for her HR Executive Leadership at General Motors, FIAT Chrysler, MGM Grand Detroit, and Lowe’s Home Improvement. Her proving grounds were Michigan State University (BA, Labor Industrial Relations), Central Michigan University (MA, Business Management), and California Coast University (Ph.D., Management- Human Resources). To that list, add her attendance in Executive Leadership and Global Studies at IMD Business School in Switzerland. A lifelong learner, Dr. Wicker enjoyed a season as an adjunct professor at Wayne State University School of Business. Then, there’s the fact that she founded and successfully sold “101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.” She has celebrated her career accomplishments with the support of her sisterhood, Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority, Inc. 

Today, Dr. Wicker leads her team at Linwick & Associates, LLC, a global HR firm dedicated to creating organizational value through people. The platform includes Career Mastered Magazine and Women’s Leadership Network, and Excel Village Center for Learning, a 501(c)(3), whose mission is to create winning futures for girls through scholarship and mentoring in Science, Technology, Engineering Math, Finance, Arts & Business (STEM-FAB).

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