Limnia Energy Announces Pumpable Green Energy Solution To Meet Gasoline Crisis Brought On By Japanese And Middle East Developments.

Limnia energy announces pumpable green energy solution to meet gasoline crisis brought on by Japanese and Middle East developments.

Limnia energy announces pumpable green energy solution to meet gasoline crisis brought on by Japanese and Middle East developments.

San Francisco- Limnia Energy announced today that it is licensing its pumpable green energy solution, detailed on its Limnia Technology Newsletter Page at

The worldwide need for energy is increasing on a "hockey-stick" upward curve as overpopulation and new world cash is allowing consumers in growth markets and emerging regions to move upscale to goods that use more and more energy.

The proven carcinogenics of petroleum-based energy are increasing health, environment and insurance risks to an intolerable level. The, now long-term, nuclear crisis in Japan has doubled the danger for economies worldwide and doubled the call for clean energy. Concurrently, the increasing risks of oil supply termination from the Middle East, North Africa and other countries have reached a historical highpoint; thus the price of crude oil is expected to stay high and continue to increase to economically unsustainable levels.

This means that all countries who are able to invest in green energy and development are accelerating the steps to control a secure supply of energy from cleantech. Suddenly the investment requests for green technology and infrastructure are growing rapidly.

Limnia Energy is the ultimate solution to that need.

The Limnia Energy Station™ is a single, highly scalable architecture, that can provide power resources for: homes, offices, special events, hosting centers, portable soldier power, rack-mount markets, cell tower back-up, home power, forklift power, portable generators, boating power, camping power, portable electronics, aircraft power, neighborhood power, co-generation power, solar panel intermittency elimination, wind intermittency elimination, and back-up power. Limnia delivers clean, green, energy independence. Limnia Energy, Inc.

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