LighthouseAI Announces Innovative AI-Based Compliance Solution for the Life Sciences Industry

LighthouseAI applies artificial intelligence to life sciences compliance


LighthouseAI™, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions to solve the challenges of regulatory compliance, has announced the launch of its comprehensive AI-based solution for the life sciences industry. 

The LighthouseAI solution applies patent-pending artificial intelligence to assist life sciences companies in adhering to all new and existing compliance regulations quickly and accurately, without the possibility of human error. The solution aims to protect revenue streams, mitigate risk, and reduce costs for life sciences companies.

The LighthouseAI Intelligence component of the solution performs initial and gap assessments across all state and federal jurisdictions, providing compliance requisites within minutes, rather than days. This allows regulatory teams to immediately focus on achieving compliance and shielding revenue streams from any adverse actions. LighthouseAI Intelligence then automates regulatory surveillance by tracking, detecting, and immediately notifying clients should changes occur to any regulatory laws or compliance requirements that are directly relevant to the company's facilities or business operations, permitting life sciences companies to stay up to date with the latest regulatory changes, automatically.

Integrated with LighthouseAI Intelligence, LighthouseAI Management provides the means to track and manage all compliance requirements, including licenses, prerequisites, attachments, requirement expiration monitoring, and change notifications. This allows life sciences companies to streamline their compliance processes and reduce costs associated with manual compliance management.

Sumeet Singh, Founder & CEO of LighthouseAI, stated, "We're thrilled to announce the launch of LighthouseAI. Through the application of our proprietary Deterministic AI engine, our clients can now significantly reduce the time to compliance while simultaneously reducing the risk of human error, leading to revenue protection and cost reductions. We're confident that LighthouseAI will be a game-changer for the life sciences industry, and we're excited to see the impact it will have."

Mike Leone, COO at Resilia Pharma and an early user of LighthouseAI, saw a reduction in time and cost associated with compliance. Mr. Leone said: "We saw LighthouseAI as a means to cut down on the time to compliance while reducing costs, and the early returns from our investment in this technology have demonstrated that to us.  Moving forward, we foresee our continued use of LighthouseAI as an automated way to potentially eliminate our risk that could be associated with accidental non-compliance."

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About LighthouseAI 

LighthouseAI is the SaaS technology brand and an operating division of Pharma Solutions USA, Inc., a leading provider of regulatory compliance software and services since 2015. LighthouseAI delivers a SaaS solution, called LighthouseAI, that quickly delivers regulatory compliance to the life sciences supply chain while protecting revenue and reducing costs and risk. With LighthouseAI, clients and partners can swiftly adhere to life sciences compliance regulations without human error, thus mitigating common risks associated with non-compliance, while reducing costs and time compared to current methods. For more information about LighthouseAI, please visit:

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