LighthouseAI Introduces Automated Business Change Management to Simplify Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Compliance

New Module Automates Regulatory Updates During Corporate Transitions

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Today, LighthouseAI™, a leader in pharmaceutical supply chain compliance with seven years of experience and over 650 clients, launched a new Business Change Management module to their LighthouseAI Intelligence® product. The knowledge base of LighthouseAI Intelligence is built on a foundation of 100+ years of experience from a team of dedicated professionals comprised of attorneys, former regulators, and industry veterans. This add-on to LighthouseAI's compliance automation platform simplifies the complex regulatory updates required when pharmaceutical companies undergo significant business changes. 

"With frequent mergers and acquisitions, company restructures, or even simple changes of addresses in the pharma industry, we've seen a growing need for automated solutions to handle the resulting compliance burden," said LighthouseAI CEO Sumeet Singh. "Our new Business Change Management module fills this need, dramatically reducing the risk of business disruption due to its superior accuracy and massive time and cost efficiencies." 

This new feature simplifies the legal and administrative burdens of updating licenses, permits, filings, and more resulting from a business change. All the user needs to do is answer a series of questions posed by the LighthouseAI platform, and the resulting output is delivered at a cost that is a mere fraction of what the user would incur from legal counsel. 

"In the past, business changes incurred hundreds of hours in legal fees and labor to update compliance documentation," said Singh. "With LighthouseAI's automated solution, we introduce a paradigm shift that will slash manual costs and timelines. It's a complete game-changer for pharmaceutical companies undergoing transitions where we will holistically create up to billions of dollars of value for our clients."

About LighthouseAI  

LighthouseAI specializes in AI-driven solutions to navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance in the life sciences supply chain.  With over seven years of experience, 650 clients, and recognition as thought-leaders, LighthouseAI delivers a SaaS solution that ensures seamless alignment with life sciences compliance regulations, protecting revenue and reducing costs and risks. By eliminating human error and delivering quick, efficient compliance solutions, LighthouseAI revolutionizes the traditional methods of adherence to life sciences regulations. 

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