"Light Up Pooper Scooper": Illuminated Waste Makes for Complete and Easy Removal by Dog Walker

​Walking a dog at night can be a treacherous journey when Fido decides to take a dump in a dark spot. That is not a problem at all when using the new Light Up Pooper Scooper. This pet waste collection device boasts an integrated light source automatically activated when the grabber is engaged for scooping waste. The device has reflective tape on both sides for safety. The design intent is to provide consumers with a safe and practical means of collecting and discarding animal waste at night and the light enable the user to easily see and retrieve waste in darkened environments or after nightfall.
The Light Up Pooper Scooper is primarily made of heavy duty plastic and metal components. It is an elongated unit with a rectangular handle culminating in a looped hand grip that facilitates easy operation. Incorporated into the design of the hand grip is a simple trigger mechanism or pull handle, internally connected to the jaws of the scooper, enabling the user to open and close the scooper on demand by squeezing and releasing the trigger handle.  The spring-loaded jaws on the base are made of easy-to-clean, odor resistant plastic or similar material. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Light Up Pooper Scooper.
The Patent Pending Light Up Pooper Scooper was invented by Robert Orban, Jr., Doug Smith and Tina Smith of Monmouth County, NJ who said, “The Light Up Pooper Scooper has reflective tape to make the dog walker visible to motorists and others but, best of all, it illuminates the ground surface where the dog has done his duty, allowing the dog walker to find and pick up the waste when it is dark.  It works perfectly and is easy to clean.”

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