"Lift L'Express": Provides an Easy and Non-Surgical Means of Creating a More Youthful Appearance in the Face

Invents introduces "Lift L'Express" allows the face to have taut skin with these simple and easy-to-apply devices.

​Looking good has never been simpler or easier than when utilizing this new product.  The Lift L'Express is an easily applied, non-invasive “face-lifting” accessory comprised of transparent and various skin-tone colored soft, flexible, hypoallergenic tape, to be held in place on certain areas of the face, via a set of comfortable anchor-like earpieces. The design intent is to provide consumers a steadfast, easy and non-surgical means of lifting or pulling the skin taut, creating a more youthful appearance in the face.
The Lift L'Express can be worn day or night and aids in preventing future sagging. The transparent (and various skin-tone colored), breathable hypoallergenic adhesive can be cut to a desired or needed strip and placed in either one or both of the common pull points: slightly above either cheekbone and/or behind and above either or both jawbones. Lift L'Express boosts the user’s self-esteem and confidence, resulting in a happier and healthier individual. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Lift L’Express.
The Patent Pending Lift L’Express was invented by Siggy Reeg of West Babylon, NY who said, “Lift L'Express provides consumers with a safe, noninvasive and most importantly, effective alternative to undergoing a surgical facelift procedure. The Lift L'Express provides a temporary solution for the user to enjoy the appearance of a facelift, without the risk of dramatically and permanently altering the face. It works perfectly.”

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