Lifestyle Blogger Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve, Quite Literally?

Tongue in Cheek Chic founder, Meredith Barfield is using her platform to give back to the community of Savannah, and is helping a family in need

Meredith Barfield

Meredith started Tongue in Cheek Chic blog to show her social media followers that there is an appreciation for modern living in this traditional, southern city. She uses her platform to demonstrate how the people of Savannah offer much more than the typical southern stereotypes. With that being said, Meredith recently gained a following of a different kind when she decided to use her social media platform to gather community support.

Meredith was out to lunch with her husband when she noticed a GoFundMe account posted on an announcement board. The flyer caught her eye because the account was established to raise money for a little girl in need of a service dog.

Being a lifelong dog lover, Meredith immediately reached out to the family to learn more details. She decided to step out of her comfort zone and plan an event where she would sell apparel featured on her website to raise funds for the cause.

As she promoted apparel sales on her website, Meredith simultaneously coordinated an event to showcase her apparel at a local boutique. Her efforts caught the attention of local organizations who rallied around her and offered their supports and resources. Thanks to Meredith and her generous efforts, this deserving little girl was able to get her service dog.

At this time, Meredith is still determined to raise money for a fence to provide safety for the child and her new service dog. If you would like to support this cause, please visit for more information. For continuing updates on this story, don’t forget to follow Meredith Barfield on social media.

Source: Word of Mouth Savannah, LLC.

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