Coloured Raine Cosmetics Set to Launch a Line of 'Vivid Pigment' Colors Inspired by Color Therapy

Coloured Raine Cosmetics has announced on social media that they are launching a new line of vivid pressed pigments and eyeshadows inspired by owner Loraine Dowdy's emotional connection to color and the study of Color Therapy. The line includes 16 vibrant colors and will launch on July 20.

Loraine R. Dowdy founded Coloured Raine in 2013, leaving a high-powered job in the financial industry to pursue her dream of owning a cosmetic company. She longed for a cosmetic line that encouraged self-expression, diversity and included shades of makeup for women of every color. In a recent interview with, Loraine stated that her surroundings inspire her, but this line of makeup was inspired by the customers who purchase her makeup and how they use it as a form of Color Therapy.

Color Therapy, which is linked to the idea of how colors (knowingly or subconsciously) represent or change the way we are feeling, inspired Loraine to create 16 different shades of color to fit the personality and emotion of the customers purchasing and wearing it. As a brand founded on the love of color and what color stands for, she decided to research what different colors represent based on the human emotional connection to it and then created these colors based on her findings. Loraine states, "I want there to be a pigment or eyeshadow for everyone, every style, every personality, and every emotion. I want the customer purchasing these colors to connect with the makeup on a deeper level."

When Loraine pitched the 'vivid pigments' project to our team, we were ready for the challenge. The type of pigment developed for this project is much more tedious than the development of traditional eyeshadows found in stores and online. We take pride in our formulas, and we were eager to start on a project where Loraine and the team could express how we view color and apply it too user-friendly super pigmented shades. We are so proud of this project, and I know that everyone will see the hard work and creativity we put forward with these unique and inspiring shades.

Aiden Reynoso , Head of Media Relations, Talent and Retail for Coloured Raine Cosmetics

Coloured products are sourced and manufactured in the United States, FDA approved, certified cruelty-free by PETA and mostly vegan. Her line foundations were recently picked up by Target as her they match every skin tone, and her full line can be purchased through her website or at Riley Rose.

Source: Coloured Raine Cosmetics

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