Life Transformational Training Held at Videocon by AK Mishra's Art of Success

AK Mishra's Art of Success organized Life transformational training at Videocon on 13th Feb 2016. The session commenced at 1pm and continued till 4pm.

Success Guru AK Mishra, the Inventor and Director of AK Mishra’s Art of Success was the chief Speaker of the seminar who named the training as Art of Self transformation. The motive of the training was to introduce the participants with the true purpose of life which has lost behind somewhere while running in the race of every day’s monotonous life and competition.

It was an experiential training which included a series of life-altering presentations, creative interaction, breakthrough process, live examples & videos and personalized coaching which focused on the wringers at the heart of our humanity and the issues whose resolutions are the key to successful and contented living.

The training program was divided into 3 sessions wherein first session focused on letting the participants understand their deeper self and let them dwell into their soul to understand their deep inherent self and true desires. The second session focused on breaking their mental barriers and the old conditioning that remains stored in their subconscious mind. The session aimed at reconditioning participants mind with ideas and thoughts that could think only of success by weeding out the detrimental impressions stored in the subconscious mind owing to past experiences. Success Guru AK Mishra also talked about repetitive syndrome and shared an understanding on PAC model (Parent, Adult, Child), and helped create a balance between all three voices to make right decisions in life that ultimately contribute to human’s success as an individual.

The third session of the training programme empowered participants with the facts and essential components that were vital to lead a joyful, successful and contented life. Moreover, the session inspired and motivated them to steal out the time for the things they love to pursue in life instead of postponing them for tomorrow. The entire session was very enlightening and left the participant’s with the stress-free mind and heart along with a burning passion to bring enthusiasm in life by turning their dreams into reality. In essence, the training session immensely helped participants to explore the higher dimensions of life.