Everyone Wins With Healthy Work Life Balance - Self-Transforming Seminar by Success Guru AK Mishra at Videocon

After giving Life's success mantras to large number of working professionals in a recently held seminar at Videocon, Success Guru AK Mishra is again invited by the management of Videocon to empower the participants with the skills of promoting healthy work life balance, revive their passion for work, help them eradicate excessive stress and to give them an era of positivity.

The full day training session will be conducted at the training hall of Videocon on 9th of April 2016. The session will commence at 9am and continue till 5pm. AK Mishra’s Art of Success session will not only focus on helping participants combat stress, but will also aim at introducing the participants with their true potential, brain power and many other life’s facts which some of us are not aware of and some of us have forgotten while running in the race of every day’s competition.

Apart from the discussion, lecture, movie clippings, live examples; this success session will also include life transformational yoga to help the participants rejuvenate; connect with their deeper self and to help them remind their true purpose of life. Art of Success session will help participants break the shackles of old conditioning that has stored in their sub conscious mind over the period of time that originates from past experiences and stretch their mind to experience diverse dimensions of life.

This session will bring you back to the essence of who you are and will allow you to discover your inherent potential while sweeping away monotonous life that prevents you from harnessing enormous mental energy and kills your vigor and vitality.

When talked to Mr. AK Mishra on this, he said “The stress is always the result of an unbalanced lifestyle, which damages productivity and increases health risks. The session will focus on bequeathing the participants tools to balance their personal and professional lives, which further help them stay healthier, happier and more productive”.