Liblang Law Firm in Birmingham Celebrates 'Take Your Dog to Work Day' on June 23

Thousands of bosses and employees across America will bring their dogs to work on June 23, the 18th year for the canine holiday.

The happy sight of a tail-wagging dog, a friendly nose on the knee and the comfort of a dog laying across your toes in the office makes "Take Your Dog to Work Day" one of the best holidays of the year, according to Dani Liblang, principal of the Liblang Law Firm in Birmingham. Thousands of bosses and employees across America will bring their dogs to work on June 23, the 18th year for the canine holiday.

"From the very beginning, dogs have worked alongside us, hunting and tracking, and even keeping us safe at night by growling and barking when danger reared its ugly head. In modern days, this relationship has been forgotten, and the poor pooch is now left to sit at home while we go about our daily business," says the "Take Your Dog to Work Day" organizers, Pet Sitters International. "Let's bring the happy puppy back into our daily work lives," says a press release from the organization, which came about in 1996.

Liblang, who has been active in pet rescues and animal advocacy for decades, brings her golden retriever — Bart — to work daily because he relieves the stress of looming deadlines, angry clients and late payments, the pain of any boss. "If a high strung client takes his frustration out on me or a member of my staff, Bart comes to the rescue. When I pet him or take him for a walk around the block I get calm again. I don't have any need to vent on someone and risk escalating the situation," says Liblang, who suggests Bart’s affectionate barks keep business in the black.

Dog and owner bonding is the very aim of Pet Sitters International. The group's greater mission is to save animals from local shelters and help them find good homes with people who will furnish chew toys, food and affection on man's best friend. Therapists have asserted that bringing pets to work helps people balance work and life with greater dexterity.

Like people, dogs have to learn appropriate skills to function well in an office environment. Bart, Liblang's dog, went through the Canine Good Citizen training with the American Kennel Club to learn how to behave properly in an office environment, a must for anyone bringing a dog for a day or a work year. Bart learned how to be welcoming to strangers, sit politely for petting, walk on a loose lead, sit and lie on command, come when called, act appropriately around other dogs, minimize barking and endure separation from the owner.

Pet Sitters International offers these suggestions for a happy ambiance with dogs and people in the office:

1. Make sure coworkers are on board with the idea. Even if Fido will be staying in your office or cubicle, his presence might give pause to people who are allergic to or afraid of dogs.

2. Pack Fido’s “briefcase.” The dog will need food and water dishes, toys, treats, a bed, poop bags, or anything else the dog might need during the day.

3. Groom Fido as if he were going in for a job interview. Give him a bath, brush his coat until it gleams, and brush his teeth so he has nice breath when he meets the boss and clients.

4. Dog-proof the workspace. To prevent Fido from chewing on cords, tipping over the trash, or swallowing that thumb drive with the report that’s due tomorrow, prepare your area.

5. Do a good deed for dogs. Have a raffle to benefit your local shelter. Schedule a work day at a shelter where people can walk dogs, muck up cages and love up all the residents.

What's the best benefit of a dog in the office? Liblang says stress relief. "No amount of therapy or chocolate would be as good for morale as the happy face of a dog in the office," Liblang says.

Bart helps the Liblang Law Firm, P.C. continue to represent plaintiffs in personal injury, lemon law, product liability, finance fraud, debt collection harassment, and toxic torts, as well as a variety of consumer and employment law issues. Additionally, the firm is extremely active, well versed and certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which allows clients to pursue non-traditional litigation methods such as arbitration, mediation, mini-trials and private judging.

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