Liberty One Investment Management Reaches $1 Billion Milestone

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Liberty One Investment Management becomes the latest third-party asset manager to reach the $1 billion assets under management milestone.

Based in Libertyville, IL, Liberty One was born out of The Tranel Financial Group, a client-facing financial planning firm. The founding team members of Liberty One could not find what they were looking for in traditional mutual funds, ETFs, or other third-party asset managers - so they created it themselves. What they created worked so well within the walls of their own firm, other advisors within their broker-dealer asked them to share it. Liberty One entered the third-party asset management space in 2012.

"It has been a fun journey to say the least," says Roch Tranel, CEO of Liberty One. Roch goes on to say, "We knew we had something special. The strategies we implemented for clients, and the client-friendly concept pieces we paired alongside them, resonated strongly with our own clients. We knew we had a success formula, and we were excited for the opportunity to offer that formula to other advisors."

This $1 billion milestone is representative of a growing trend of advisors who are leveraging third-party assets managers within their practice. "The time needed to perform analytics, research, screening, trading, and ongoing monitoring of client accounts all amount to a full-time job. Advisors start losing control and losing touch with their book of business as it scales," says Nick Ng, CFA, and Lead Portfolio Manager for Liberty One. "Most advisors want to focus on the client relationship, managing the big picture financial plan, and gathering assets. They do not want to spend hours upon hours gathering data, making buy-sell decisions, and placing trades. They would rather leave that to the third-party asset manager," says Nick.

"When you think about it, the idea of third-party asset management is nothing new - the industry just didn't think of it that way," says Peter Orth, External Wholesaler for Liberty One, who has been with the firm since inception. "Advisors are used to turning client assets over to a mutual fund company or actively managed ETF. In a sense, they are outsourcing the active management of that portion to a third party. They are managing the players while the players manage the money." Peter goes on to say, "Liberty One creates efficiencies for both the advisor and the client. We go straight to the stock. Our flagship strategies hold individual equity positions rather than mutual funds and ETFs. This reduces internal expenses and increases tax efficiency for clients. Best of all, advisors do not need to spend time picking and managing individual equities. It's value creation across the board."

"The investment climate is arguably more challenging now than ever," says Brayden Cummings, Operations Manager of Liberty One. "Interest rates are near all-time lows while equity market valuations are near all-time highs. Managing assets through this climate will require a precise management approach. Most advisors simply do not want to spend their time and energy scrutinizing buy-sell decisions. The third-party space will continue to scale as more advisors decide to get out of the asset management side of the business and focus more on big picture planning concepts and cultivating client relationships."

The third-party space will surely continue to evolve for many years to come. "We are excited about hitting the $1 billion mark," says Ben Pahl, President of Liberty One. "But we are even more excited about what is to come. The landscape is changing fast. We look forward to staying ahead of the curve while continuously innovating and providing value to advisors and clients within this space. It has been a lot of hard work. We have a lot to be proud of. And we have a lot to look forward to. We could not ask for a better group of people to share the journey with."

The entire team at Liberty One would like to thank the third-party platforms, broker-dealers, RIAs, and especially the financial advisors who place their trust and confidence in Liberty One to manage their clients' assets. This milestone would not be possible without your support.                  

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