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Liberty One Investment Management has been added to Envestnet’s extensive lineup of third-party money managers. Liberty One, born out of a successful financial planning firm located in Libertyville, Illinois, was founded by a group of advisors who could not find what they were looking for in traditional mutual funds, ETFs, and other third-party asset managers – so they created it themselves. The end result was the formation of model-based, individual equity allocations that are easy for advisors to position with clients. 

“We first started using these allocations with our own clients within the walls of our financial planning firm. The strategies and the concepts our team members were able to present alongside our allocations as they provide real-world solutions for our clients made it easier than it had ever been for them to gain client relationships and capture assets,” says Ben Pahl, President of Liberty One. “Individual equity allocations can offer tax advantages and income-planning advantages over traditional mutual funds and ETFs. Our equal-weight focus avoids the cap-weight risk inherent in many index funds, and our focus on generating a strong and consistently increasing dividend stream to the end-client allows advisors to separate the income component of their planning from the appreciation component.”

Liberty One’s client-friendly concept pieces include Double Compounding Effect, Ultimate RMD Solution, Equal Weight vs. Cap Weight, Apartment Building Analogy, Mutual Fund Tax Trap, and Mattress Presentation.

“Our allocations are only part of the Liberty One success formula,” says Nick Ng, CFA – Lead Portfolio Manager for Liberty One. “Yes, Tactical Income Solution, Tactical Growth Solution, Spectrum, and Capstone are well packaged and easy to position with clients – but advisors really start getting excited when they see how easy it is to weave real-world concepts and solutions into the client conversation using our material. It’s not about selling an allocation to a client; it’s about providing a solution – it’s about solving a problem. Then, the allocation just becomes a natural part of the solution. We make it easy.”

Liberty One’s mission is to create and promote thought-leading investment allocations that are easy for advisors to position with clients. 

“Being with Liberty One since its inception, we’ve certainly come a long way. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of advisors all over the country as they utilize Liberty One allocations within their firms,” says Peter Orth, External Wholesaler and Leader of Liberty One’s Business Development Team. “Our external sales team continues to grow as our AUM and number of advisor relationships continue to grow. We are excited to be part of the Envestnet ecosystem. We are passionate about our strategies, we’ve got a great team, and an exciting vision ahead of us. We look forward to continuing our journey and are pleased to be available to so many advisors via the Envestnet platform.”

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