Levin Health Explains the Proposed Changes to Cannabis Laws That Are Gaining Support Within the Victorian Government

Victorian MPs are pushing for the full legalisation of cannabis. Levin Health examines both sides of the argument.

Levin Health

Rachel Payne and David Ettershank, who both recently secured seats for the Legalise Cannabis Victoria party, are pushing for full legalisation of cannabis. Here, Levin Health, an Australian sports science company focused on researching medical cannabis products, weighs in.

According to Levin Health, this would go beyond decriminalisation, which abolishes criminal charges related to the use and possession but not the sale of cannabis.1

In 2016, The Narcotics Drugs Amendment Bill2 amended the existing 1967 Act to permit the cultivation and manufacture of cannabis such as CBD oil Australia-wide for medicinal and scientific purposes. This change was spearheaded by the socially progressive state of Victoria.

Now, Levin Health says a selection of MPs wants to take that one step further, advocating for legalisation of medical marijuana Australia-wide.

In an argument for the legalisation, Payne says, "Not knowing what is on the streets, and what is in our cannabis products, causes more harm than actually having a regulated market."

Despite the behind-the-scenes support, the Victorian Government says it has no plans to legalise or decriminalise recreational cannabis at this time. 

Premier Daniel Andrews raises a concern that cannabis consumption at any level is unsafe for a section of the community.

Supporters of the law reform say it will help to reduce criminal activity and open up access to necessary support without fear of prosecution. As Levin Health explains, legalisation would also help to regulate what is sold so that users can consume cannabis in a safer, more controlled way.

The reform would also save the $1.7 billion3 of taxpayers' money that's spent on law enforcement costs every year. Legalisation could actually generate $28 billion in taxes, the Parliamentary Budget Office estimates4.

For the law changes to get the go-ahead, the government will need support from six Upper House crossbenchers. 

According to Reason Party leader Fiona Patten, who chaired a two-year inquiry into the use of cannabis Melbourne- and Victoria-wide5 - reform is a real possibility. 

The 2019 National Drug Household Survey6 found that 41% of Australians support the legalisation of cannabis, compared to 37% that oppose it. The ACT is the only state or territory that currently allows some recreational cannabis use. In 2020, they introduced a law7 that permitted adults to own up to two cannabis plants per person.

About Levin Health

Levin Health is an Australian sports science company focused on researching, developing and commercialising a range of medicinal cannabis products initially for the treatment of pain, mental health disorders and sport-related ailments, to help people improve their lifestyle.


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Source: Levin Health