Levelset Featured in Business Insider Thanks to Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour

The construction-focused technology company secured the high-profile coverage after working with the Newswire Team.

Levelset Featured in Business Insider Thanks to Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour

​​​​Levelset, a construction technology company headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, landed media coverage from Business Insider after becoming a Newswire Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour customer. The brand, which assists in the payments process for contractors, received recognition after working with Newswire team members to implement a strategic Earned Media Advantage Plan. The plan was developed by Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Strategists (EMAS), who crafted a unique strategy for the brand to help them promote its key messaging to top media contacts and their target customer audience.

Alex Dunn, Director of Demand Gen at Levelset, said, "Getting our EMAS at Newswire up to speed with our company's purpose and goals was easy and helped us to quickly get our press releases out to the right publications. Melissa has been incredibly responsive and has gone above and beyond to help us get the results we were looking for."

Payment problems have become commonplace in the construction industry. Contractors are often not paid on time and sometimes not paid at all. Levelset's new messaging was focused on resolving these pain points for contractors and employers alike, and it was crucial that they deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, through the right mediums. Hence why the Guided Tour was vital for Levelset's team; by earning this placement in Business Insider, the brand can effectively communicate their unique value to industry leaders.

Each EMAS leverages their expert experience and connections with the appropriate industry contracts, acting as a bridge between the company and the media. In order to successfully bring the two together, a media and marketing strategy must be in place and be implemented before beginning the outreach process.

"By leveraging the value of our comprehensive program and direct media outreach campaigns, Levelset was able to implement an effective campaign and get the recognition they deserved from one of the top media outlets in their industry," said Melissa Fair, Earned Media Advantage Strategist at Newswire.

Customers can now transform 'owned' media (press releases) into the 'Earned Media Advantage'. Using the right strategies, customers can lower their costs of press releases, increase the value of each release and lower paid-media costs while shortening the journey to achieve earned media mentions.

To ensure the success of the services, an expert Earned Media Advantage Strategist leads customers through the journey every step of the way. The journey is designed to empower the Earned Media Advantage by developing a plan that is based on a media communications survey that defines press release content value and distribution. Customers are also provided a media communications calendar, services to set up, operate and manage media databases, media monitoring alerts, statistical analysis, reporting and media room news collection and sharing to ensure Customer Success.

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