Let's Go Robotics Announces Precise Drop™ Micro-Dispensing Systems

Dispensing systems for benchtop to full laboratory deployment in life sciences and medical diagnostics.

Precise Drop™ micro-dispensing system

​Let’s Go Robotics today announced Precise Drop™ micro-dispensing systems. These systems are the latest innovation by the company for life sciences and medical diagnostics applications. Precise Drop is highly configurable, making it easy to use in any environment from benchtop to full laboratory. The Let’s Go Robotics team focuses on system integration, custom engineering, and standard product development, leveraging its decades of experience in engineering and robotics.

 “We have been designing and delivering small volume dispensing systems for years,” said Brian L. Ganz, Let’s Go Robotics President and CEO. “Precise Drop systems package this expertise into a more standard line of flexible dispensers that scales from benchtop to full production.”

We have been designing and delivering small volume dispensing systems for years. Precise Drop systems package this expertise into a more standard line of flexible dispensers that scales from benchtop to full production.

Brian L. Ganz, President and CEO of Let's Go Robotics Inc

Precise Drop dispensers are compact, low cost and fully customizable. Available for 1 to 16 channels in the packaged configuration, the dispensers can be configured with more than 64 channels as needed. Each channel is independently controlled, dispensing volumes from 50nL to 650μL and bulk fill up to 2mL. The systems support a wide range of substrates, microwell plates, and membranes.

Small volume dispensing is important for life science companies to conserve samples and improve experimental results. The systems are easily used in genomic and proteomic research, drug discovery, mass spectrometry, and screening assays. These systems eliminate inconsistency and spillage problems common in manual processes.

For medical device (DX) applications, Precise Drop enables low cost, highly accurate and repeatable reagent dispensing. Applications include manufacturing of rapid testing strips and other flow-through wetted diagnostics kits.

Precision Non-Contact Dispensing

Precise Drop systems use solenoid valves to meter consistent volumes into the substrate, microwell plate or membrane. A digital control system ensures accurate, precise dispensing. Each valve has a dedicated independent microcontroller. Channels can be coordinated, individually timed or timed based on some external event. This flexibility is critical for both multi-well dispense and for multi-line dispense onto a membrane web.

The user interface to the microcontrollers is browser-based, allowing operators to set up protocols and recipes using a smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop, desktop computer or any other web-based device. Precise Drop also interfaces with SiLA and TCP/IP socket.

“Precise Drop technology remains the same as it scales from benchtop to production operations,” said Ganz. “This ensures consistency and eliminates the need for retraining as systems grow.”

Precise Drop Systems

Precise Drop Systems are available in 3 core configurations:

  • Precise Drop Lite—for projects still in research mode, but the scope of testing expands beyond an individual researcher and pipettes.
  • Precise Drop Standard—for prototypes, additional testing and initial production.
  • Precise Drop Extended—for benchtop, research, testing and production.

In addition, Let’s Go Robotics can design custom end-user systems and OEM configurations.

To learn more about specific configurations, contact Let’s Go Robotics and request the Precise Drop Micro-Dispensing Systems brochure.

SLAS 2018

Precise Drop micro-dispensing systems will be featured at SLAS 2018 in booth #1001. Representatives will be available throughout the exhibition to demonstrate the systems and answer any questions.

About Let’s Go Robotics

Let’s Go Robotics specializes in Robotics and automation for the future. Our team focuses on system integration, custom engineering, and standard product development, leveraging our extensive experience in engineering and robotics. We are 100% committed to your success, delivering the automation or custom engineering you need to improve your efficiency. As experts in integrating complex systems involving motion control and instrumentation, our team can provide complete laboratory automation, custom engineering services, and everything in between.

The LGR team consists of experienced Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Processing Engineers. Our expert team will integrate key technologies with your automation requirements to create a system that meets your needs now, with the flexibility to adapt for the future.

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