Lenbrook International Appoints OLEX Communications as Its Exclusive PR Agency of Record in North America and the United Kingdom

Peter Hoagland retires and OLEX Communications expands its remit to include North America PR responsibility for Lenbrook's own and distributed brands

​Lenbrook International announces changes to its public relations team effective Jan. 6, 2021, as consumer electronics veteran Peter Hoagland retires after representing Lenbrook’s North American distribution business, Lenbrook Americas, for nearly 10 years as an independent PR consultant. Hoagland has been instrumental in building a strong market presence for NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, Bluesound, and DALI Loudspeakers amongst specialist audiophile press in North America. 

“Peter has been a respected colleague of Lenbrook’s in the audio industry since the early 1980s when we first met him - his reputation is unparalleled,” remarked Stephen Baker, Senior Director of Sales for Lenbrook Americas. “I speak for the entire senior leadership team at Lenbrook when I say that his professionalism and upbeat attitude will be missed and that we will reflect on how very fortunate we’ve been to have had his marketing and PR expertise working for our brands over the past decade.” 

Peter Hoagland retires after decades working in the consumer electronics industry, leading the marketing efforts for a number of high-end audio brands as an in-house resource, as well as in a consulting capacity. Hoagland joined Lenbrook’s extended marketing team as an independent PR consultant in 2011, representing NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, Bluesound, and DALI Loudspeakers. He ends his career with an accomplished track record for building deep relationships with specialist media and enhancing brand reputations.

With Hoagland’s retirement, Lenbrook International will continue the work it started at the beginning of the pandemic to consolidate its global PR operations, bringing oversight of Lenbrook Americas’ PR operations under its purview. For over three years now, OLEX Communications has represented Lenbrook’s own brands in the United Kingdom, helping to grow brand awareness with consumer lifestyle and gadget and tech audiences. Earlier in the year, OLEX Communications was appointed in the US to complement Hoagland’s specialist audiophile work, covering lifestyle and gadget and tech publications, and to grow the market presence of the new Bluesound Professional brand within the commercial integration media landscape. Now, OLEX Communications will become the exclusive public relations agency of record representing Lenbrook International brands in the UK and Lenbrook Americas’ brands in North America, across all media verticals.

“It has been a pleasure working with Peter on our distribution business over the years, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and the tireless work he has invested into our brands in Canada and the United States,” says June Ip, Vice President of Marketing for Lenbrook International. “Fortunately, we have a reliable and knowledgeable partner in OLEX Communications that can take on the work that Peter leaves behind.” 

Effective immediately, all media inquiries in the UK and North America can be directed to the following individuals:


OLEX are a group of creative communicators who thrive on the demands of reputation and brand media management. Specialists in media relations in Music & Technology, and by shaping holistic PR, communications and partnership strategies, we bring products and experiences to life for clients around the world.

OLEX website: https://olexcommunications.co.uk

OLEX Communications (UK)​
​Brands Represented

  • NAD Electronics
  • PSB Speakers
  • ​Bluesound
  • ​Bluesound Professional

OLEX Communications (US/Canada)
​Brands Represented
​In the US:

  • NAD Electronics
  • PSB Speakers
  • Bluesound
  • ​DALI Loudspeakers
  • ​Bluesound Professional

​In Canada:

  • NAD Electronics
  • PSB Speakers
  • ​Bluesound
  • ​DALI Loudspeakers
  • ​Bluesound Professional
  • ​Tivoli Audio
  • ​Master & Dynamic

Steve Dalton, Founder/Principal

Jeff Touzeau, Principal

Gemma Stenberg, Founder/Principal

David Ball, PR Manager


The Lenbrook Group of Companies is a privately held Canadian corporation who are the owners of NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, Bluesound and Bluesound Professional. Formed in 1978, Lenbrook initially was a national distributor of electronics and communications products in Canada and has grown to become a leading global supplier to over 80 countries around the world. 

Lenbrook Americas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenbrook International, is responsible for the sales and marketing of NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, Bluesound and DALI in both the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, it also distributes Tivoli Audio and Master & Dynamic in Canada. 


Corporate Contact 
​Mark Stone, Communications Manager 
Email: mstone@lenbrook.com

US/Canada Media Relations
Jeff Touzeau 
Email: jeff@olexcommunications.us

UK Media Relations
​Steve Dalton 
Email: steve@olexcommunications.co.uk

Lenbrook Website: http://www.lenbrook.com
Lenbrook Americas Website: http://www.lenbrookamericas.com

Source: Lenbrook International