Legendary Fruitman Takes Off With 3rd Single & Soaring Spotify Streams

New Single 'Take Off'

Recording artist, The Legendary Fruitman, and CEO of Moneytree Entertainment takes to the launch pad and blasts off with a third single, ‘Take Off’ from his highly anticipated Summer 2018 ‘Eternal’ album. Since announcing his 2018 solo projects earlier this year, Fruitman has blasted off online with his most recent two singles doing over 25 million streams collectively.

As we roll into the second quarter fiscal year, The legendary Fruitman is receiving beneficial returns from his Winter studio work. ‘Take Off’, the newest release is an up-tempo headbanger, by Atlanta-based producer Runna Jay; who produced the Cannabis Club ATL hit song, ‘Gimme Dat’. ‘Take Off’ showcases Fruit’s lyrical versatility as a writer with clever wordplay on verses and the chorus. Moneytree’s marketing and promotions department produced the ‘Take Off’ promo-teaser (on Facebook) to precede the track’s video Summer release. Fruitman had this to say about the payoff. “I’m really content with the work and efforts my label and team have done with this solo album. The numbers are overwhelming with how quickly my music has been spreading. We’re in a good place and where we want to be.” The Legendary Fruitman’s album ‘Eternal’ drops Summer 2018.

Join and subscribe to Fruitman’s social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Like, Follow & Share. Available on Money Tree Entertainment. Inquiries for press and professional bookings for The Legendary Fruitman please contact moneytreeatl@gmail.com.

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