Legacy Team Promotions Sends Top Associates to Conference

​Legacy Team Promotions’ qualifying associates traveled to a weekend conference in Dallas to network with and learn from top names in the industry. The Director also discussed career development at the firm. 

The opportunity to network with high-achieving professionals from around the country is just one of the many perks enjoyed by Legacy Team Promotions associates, according to Man S., the firm’s Director of Operations. Recently, several of the firm’s top producers spent a weekend in Dallas, Texas with Man where they were introduced to accomplished marketers from across North America. 

“Karen, Diena, Forrest, and Kevin joined me and we had a great time,” Man stated. “Not only did we make important connections, but we learned cutting-edge techniques from guest speakers while also getting to know each other better.”

"We want career-oriented professionals to join our company, and the best way I know to attract such people is to provide as many chances for career development as possible."



There are other benefits to business travel that Man pointed out too. For instance, no matter how smoothly a trip goes, it’s still an opportunity for an individual to move beyond his or her comfort zone and become more comfortable handling novel situations. Also, he knows this weekend broadened the horizons of those Legacy Team Promotions associates who accompanied him. They now have better ideas of what’s possible, he shared, and better game plans for achieving their goals.

Legacy Team Promotions’ Director on the Importance of Development

“Growth is a Legacy Team Promotions value. Not just growth for the company either; I want our team members to grow personally and professionally as well,” Man explained. “That’s why activities like networking and travel are so important to us. They are ways of putting this ideal of development into practice.” 

Man pointed to the way that Legacy Team Promotions leadership trains new associates and interns as another example of his commitment to career development. Both groups are fully involved in project development, campaign deployment, and other day-to-day operations from the very beginning. They learn to collaborate with different teams at different locations while gaining a first-hand view of the firm’s unique methodology. What’s more, novice team members and interns are given chances to help create the training curriculum based on their experiences and learning needs. 

“We want career-oriented professionals to join our company, and the best way I know to attract such people is to provide as many chances for career development as possible,” declared Man. “Networking, travel, and intensive coaching all put our Legacy Team Promotions associates on the fast track to achievement, no matter where their career paths might take them.”

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Legacy Team Promotions is a trusted provider of interactive marketing solutions. The team excels at crafting memorable campaigns designed to engage and delight consumers. The firm’s associates do so by integrating solid market research with cutting-edge techniques. The Legacy Team Promotions’ proven methods position products to outpace the competition and ensure lasting outcomes each time. Their forward-thinking approach, combined with team training, leads to confident marketing pros. Hard work and creativity are the marks of Legacy Team Promotions’ success. Learn what their next move is by visiting http://legacypromotions-inc.com/.

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