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A group of Legacy Team Promotions brand ambassadors recently traveled to a national conference to develop new skills. According to Man S., the Director of Operations, this trip was a significant success.

​The team members from Legacy Team Promotions traveled to Dallas, Texas for a leadership and business skills conference. The event was attended by sales and marketing professionals from around the country. Man indicated that the principal focus for his team members was professional development, benefiting from coaching, and using hands-on training.

“During the conference, our group learned from leading experts on various business topics,” he said. “They attended sessions that involved coaching and workshops. We are dedicated to staying up to date with the best practices of our industry. These opportunities for learning at conferences like the one in Dallas are invaluable for achieving that goal.”

According to Man, Kevin C. and Rowena I. were both among the attendees at the event. They are major leaders at Legacy Team Promotions and had a lot to gain from the conference, he explained. They cultivated new abilities and honed their existing skill sets. Additionally, they took advantage of the diverse group to network with peers from all around the country.

"During the conference, our group learned from leading experts on various business topics,"


Director of Operations

“Networking at industry events is a great way to learn about the cutting edge of our field,” Man said. “Everyone shares their most recent success stories. Kevin and Rowena picked up some new strategies and ideas that others have tried in different markets. We are looking forward to applying some of these techniques in the coming months.”

Legacy Team Promotions’ Director of Operations on Travel Perks

Man asserted that travel is an important perk at Legacy Team Promotions. Not only does it allow learning opportunities such as the Dallas conference, it is also valuable in and of itself. People who travel a lot tend to be more creatively inspired, according to Man.

“It is a chance to change up the routine,” he said. “Our people visit new cities and meet new people. This helps them think about problems from new perspectives. This is immensely valuable in an industry that requires innovation such as ours.”

He also explained that travel opportunities serve as rewards for hard work. His top-performing team members are selected for the most desirable professional development events and trips.

“It is a great way to show my people how much their work is valued,” he concluded. “It is a win-win scenario. Our people get to learn and explore new places, and we get a stronger, more capable team.”

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