Legacy Team Promotions Recapped Results of Drive in 2017

The Legacy Team Promotions brand ambassadors recently conducted a year in review and recapped how their focus and drive led to big results. Man S., the company Director, also expressed excitement for 2018 goals.

​Man asserted that the sales and marketing firm achieved serious results during 2017. For example, his team worked to further develop Legacy Team Promotions’ foundation in El Paso. By working with focus and determination on every campaign, they were able to achieve a number of other objectives the group had set their sights on.

“Whenever we review our accomplishments, it is exciting to see how far we have come,” Man stated. “We begin the year by setting goals that we intend to achieve. So, looking back at how we met and exceeded each is very motivating. It is also interesting to see what outcomes we never expected to achieve.”

Several Legacy Team Promotions team members attended an all-inclusive trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. This rest and relaxation retreat included industry members from all over the nation. Only the highest-performing individuals were chosen to attend, and the firm was recognized for consistency.

"Whenever we review our accomplishments, it is exciting to see how far we have come,"



Additionally, Man indicated that the group attended multiple national business conferences. These events included networking and learning from top experts. The chances for professional development at these get-togethers helped to further strengthen the team and propel it toward success.

“The recognition over the past years tells us how strong our core team is,” Man added. “I couldn’t be prouder of everyone working here. My brand ambassadors have brought their A-games to every initiative they have worked on. This dedication to growth and success is why we have been able to grow our business in such significant ways.”

Legacy Team Promotions’ Director Announced Goals for 2018

According to Man, his team has big plans for Legacy Team Promotions in 2018. Most notably, they are intended to expand the organization to new offices in different markets. Realizing this aspiration will require more hard work by the team. However, Man is confident that his people will be able to achieve everything to which they set their minds.

“We approach every goal we set with commitment,” he stated. “Anyone who wants to achieve an ambitious objective needs that determination. Fortunately, my team is filled with people who are driven to be the best they can be.”

He also indicated that clarity of vision is important. “We have strict goal-setting practices because we want to be focused in everything we do. 2018 will start with everyone working together toward a clear set of expectations.”

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