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  Legacy Team Promotions consultants recently attended a conference that accelerated their professional development. The company’s Director of Operations discussed the event and shared his tips for effective networking.

“We’re serious about professional development here at Legacy Team Promotions,” stated Man S., the firm’s Director of Operations. “Travel opportunities represent some of the best ways to learn, and we were happy to send two of our consultants to a recent conference in Dallas.” Cynthia and Julia were chosen to attend the conference, and they came back to work freshly inspired to achieve ambitious goals.

The Director explained, “Both women are leaders and set the standard high for everyone else which is why I decided to send them. My main goal was for Cynthia and Julia to find other individuals to network with so they can grow their professional webs.” Legacy Team Promotions’ consultants were able to discuss best practices with other top performers from across the industry and interact with influential leaders as well.

"We're serious about professional development here at Legacy Team Promotions."

Man S.

Director of Operations

Along with the insights offered in keynote addresses and programs throughout a conference, the discussions with industry peers allow Legacy Team Promotions’ executives to accelerate their professional growth. “There are so many great opportunities to learn and improve at a conference like the one in Dallas,” Man added. “We’re already looking forward to the next one, and I know our people will take full advantage of it.”

Legacy Team Promotions’ Director of Operations Offers Tips for Productive Networking

Man and the rest of the Legacy Team Promotions leadership team always provide their associates with a few helpful networking reminders before they head out to an industry event. The Director stated, “It’s easy to get a little too ambitious when it comes to building your network, especially at a crowded industry function. That’s why my first tip is always to have a good plan in mind before you head out to an event.” Man always encourages Legacy Team Promotions team members to connect with a handful of people rather than try to turn everyone in attendance into new contacts.

Icebreakers are also important elements of networking at conferences, and the Director has a few reliable options he recommends to Legacy Team Promotions’ associates. “You don’t have to be too cute with your conversation starters,” he added. “A simple statement about the event itself is enough to get the ball rolling, and asking a potential contact why he or she was interested enough to attend is ideal.”

Man also reminds his executives to follow up with every person they connect with at a big event. “There’s no excuse for leaving someone hanging after a conference,” the Director noted. “You have to make sure the other person knows that you are interested in a close and productive relationship, and we always remind our Legacy Team Promotions associates to do so.”

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