Legacy Concepts Stresses Company Culture During the Holidays

The executives at Legacy Concepts focus heavily on the company's team-based culture during the holiday season. The president offered tips on how to plan a holiday celebration that promotes team building.

“At Legacy Concepts, we understand our ability to provide exceptional services depends on the hard work and dedication of our team,” said Emily R., the firm’s president. “That’s why the holidays are the ideal time for us to promote our team-based culture.”

The management team at Legacy Concepts focuses on spreading holiday cheer. “We like to have a bit of fun during this busy time of year,” said Emily. “Each week, we schedule one or two activities that give everyone a much-needed break. Some days we host take-out lunches from favorite restaurants, and on others we have hot chocolate-tasting events. Getting the team together to do something enjoyable is what counts.”

"We like to have a bit of fun during this busy time of year,"

Emily, President

“Everyone is focused on meeting end-of-year goals, so things can get a bit stressful,” added the president. “Sometimes people are reluctant to ask for assistance,” she said. “That is why our leaders make an extra effort to monitor everyone’s progress. If someone needs extra support, or an hour to unwind, we are there to help.”

The additional attention to the team’s efforts promotes a renewed sense of loyalty to the company. “Even the smallest efforts to reduce stress mean a lot to people,” said Emily. “Showing team members you care about their well-being fosters a sense of togetherness. People want to work with a team that appreciates them and their contributions. This is why Legacy Concepts is a great place to work.”

Legacy Concepts Merges Holiday Celebrations with Team Building

Emily and the executive team at Legacy Concepts know that holiday celebrations are great ways to foster team building within the organization. “Getting everyone together in a social environment is perfect for people who want to enhance their relationships,” she said. “Plus, individuals who don’t normally work together can get to know one another.”

As a result, the management team strives to make the holiday celebration a unique experience for everyone. “Most people think of holiday parties as boring dinners,” stated Emily. “Instead, we create an event that promotes social activities and fun!” Table settings include activities such as trivia questions and games that promote teamwork and friendly competition. A variety of sought-after prizes keep everyone busy throughout the evening. “We also offer open seating areas for people to mingle, so they don’t feel like they are stuck in one location the entire time,” she added.

“We also make our parties memorable occasions,” added the president. “One year we celebrated the holidays with a beach theme. As you can imagine, things got interesting as teams formed for the volleyball match. The photos that captured the fun are still floating around the office!”

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