"LED Lights Inside Tools": A Line of Waterproof, Rechargeable, Solar Powered, LED Equipped Lighted Tools

Invents unveils "LED Lights Inside Tools" which work in dim light and in emergency situations when power is not available.

​Attention mechanics and service industry personnel!  Imagine being  able to work in dark areas without having to juggle a flashlight. When working in dimly lit areas it is a difficult if not an impossible task. The answer to that problem may well be in these new tools. LED Lights Inside Tools is a line of waterproof, rechargeable, solar powered, LED equipped lighted tools.  The design intent  is to create a waterproof line of tools which provide illumination when used in areas where there is little, if any  visibility. This design can be incorporated into virtually any hand tool.

The LED Lights Inside Tools can be either solar powered or electrically powered—via an included back-up charging base—when access to sunlight is not feasible. This special line of tools contains many variations including ratchets, screwdrivers, wrenches, pick up tools, hammers, clamps, pliers, squares, tape measures, utility knives and more. The possibilities are virtually endless.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the LED Lights Inside Tools.
The Patent Pending LED Lights Inside Tools was invented by Michael Morris, Jr of Country Club Hills, IL who said, “These tools provide the needed illumination for a mechanic or service worker. They make perfect automotive tools because, in addition to being telescopic, they have a magnetized head for retrieving objects that are unreachable. They work equally well for HVAC and other industry service personnel, and for Do-It-Yourselfers as well.  LED Lights Inside Tools work perfectly.”

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