LeaseTalk's National Survey Aims to Study COVID-19's Impact on US Businesses, Helping to Benefit Commercial Tenants

The survey will enable the general public and policymakers to better understand the impact of COVID-19, specifically regarding U.S. businesses and commercial real estate lease.

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​​​​​​​LeaseTalk has initiated a national survey to study the impacts of COVID-19 on business tenants and its effect on commercial real estate leasing. The survey allows policymakers and the general public to glean a better understanding of COVID-19’s impact on U.S. businesses during the pandemic, as well as evaluate their association with industry trends and related issues, like working from home or plans to reduce existing spaces.

”COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on small business revenue. Businesses should not only look to utilize e-commerce tools to increase alternative revenues but also figure out ways to reduce expenses as well,” says Lawrence Shay, CEO of Impactio, Inc., whose research team co-developed the survey. “The survey enables the general public and policymakers to evaluate business owners’ commercial rent budget abatement needs during the pandemic.”

The survey can be completed within five to 10 minutes and asks a few questions related to commercial real estate:

  • type of business

  • current rental spaces

  • utilization rate

  • lease data information of current rental spaces

  • current and future plans of letting employees work remotely

  • whether respondents are interested in connecting with other local tenants with the same interests. 

Participants must be at least 18 years old, live in the U.S. and can represent a U.S. business to respond to the information.

Developed by the research team from Impactio Inc., a San Francisco-based data analytics company, and, the anonymous, online survey is aimed at helping business tenants impacted by COVID-19 and providing them with networks and resources to build their own local tenant community through an online location-based forum. Together, tenants can discuss related legal or non-legal issues with other tenants, issues; those sharing the same building or property can also explore ways to share the cost of legal consultation if required.

LeaseTalk is a community-driven platform for business tenants, allowing them to build communities and collectively share information and identify cost-saving opportunities in lease-related issues.

Take the survey at:

For any questions regarding the survey, please contact

About Impactio

Impactio Inc. is an American internet technology company organized in Delaware in 2017 and based in San Francisco, California, that operates several online data analytics aggregators in different application domains and owns a remote talent solution service including namesake and flagship, LeaseTalk and Impactian. Its flagship is America's leading platform of academic impact analytics and professional reputation management designed for PhDs, scientists, researchers, and engineers. Launched in early 2020, the platform offers its members visualized impact analytics reports, citation management tools, academic resume builder, and network capabilities. 

Impactio catalyzes global scientific and technological advancement by developing various innovative online services within its flagship platform catering to technological professionals to make scientific communication more effective, ultimately helping scientists and researchers be more productive and successful. LeaseTalk is a commercial real estate (CRE) review and intelligence platform and location-based forum committed to improving transparency of the commercial lease data and advancing tenants’ interests. 

Impactio also owns Impactian, which offers Extraordinary Talent on Demand™ (EToD™​) service empowering companies to dynamically scale their remote developer teams on demand. Impactian is a premier elite talent network consisting of the world’s top 2% of extraordinary developers and other talents who have been pre-vetted by Impactian and will be connected to well-established companies in the globe to offer remote and agile development services on demand.

Impactio is made with love and passion for technology and founded by alumni from the EECS Department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Stanford University, and Rice University.

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Impactio Inc. is an American internet technology company based in San Francisco that operates several online data analytics aggregators in different application domains and a remote talent solution service including flagship

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