's Location-Based Forum Advances Transparency and Tenants' Interests in Commercial Lease

LeaseTalk is a forum for commercial tenants, focusing on the promotion of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) transparency, tenant interest protection and advancement, CRE review sites and discussion. Featuring an address/location-based Discussion Forum, CRE market trend analysis, CRE sublease and dispute legal discussion, and lease early termination law comparison in different U.S. states, LeaseTalk helps create cohesion amongst tenants and advance tenants' interests.

​​​​​​​​During tumultuous times, connecting with others is a proven way of alleviating stress. is doing its utmost to help, providing commercial real estate tenants with a robust platform and a location-based forum to connect with one another.

For small- and medium-sized American business owners, COVID-19 has been a major setback to profits and long-term sustainability, while also forcing business owners to shrink their operations, reduce employee hours, furlough employees and move much of their business online.

All of these elements, in addition to expensive overhead, are forcing business owners to abandon their leases—or at least attempt to sublet their spaces. It is in this complex and tense environment that has emerged as at least a partial salve for tenant concerns.

With LeaseTalk, tenants can connect with other tenants “under” the same landlord. The ability to hold transparent discussions and access lease data are altering the conversations between tenants and landlords. LeaseTalk provides a platform for the disclosure of lease information for tenants to compare prices, have discussions with other tenants, and collaborate to advance tenant rights.

The platform’s location-based forum enables tenants to easily view lease data, related and nearby discussions, and property reviews. An interactive map of the property displays the leases of surrounding properties to let tenants explore nearby buildings. LeaseTalk’s thorough real-world information on each piece of real estate makes it easy to determine if a property is worth the expenditure of your resources.

Because there are multiple considerations when leasing a property, LeaseTalk provides “Nearby Discussions” regarding each property, with information on the surroundings and tenant comments on the state of the building. To this end, LeaseTalk includes Nearby Discussions on property profiles to let tenants know more about the surroundings. The Nearby Discussions also enhance community cohesion and influence the advancement of tenant rights. 

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LeaseTalk is now conducting a national survey to study the impact of COVID-19 on commercial real estate leasing, provide insights for the leasing market, and to understand the needs of commercial tenants. The survey can be accessed at:

About LeaseTalk is a commercial real estate (CRE) review and intelligence platform and location-based forum committed to improving transparency of the commercial lease data and advancing tenants’ interests. Featuring an address/location-based Discussion Forum, CRE market trend analysis, CRE sublease and dispute legal discussion, and lease early termination law comparison in different U.S. states, LeaseTalk helps create cohesion amongst tenants and advance tenants’ interests.

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Impactio Inc. is an American internet technology company based in San Francisco that operates several online data analytics aggregators in different application domains and a remote talent solution service including flagship

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