LeaseHawk Releases Next-Generation Virtual Leasing Assistant for the Multifamily Industry

ACE, the AI-powered virtual leasing assistant, helps apartment communities maximize lease conversions by instantly responding to every prospect to answer questions and set appointments.

ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant

​​​​​​​​​LeaseHawk, a leader in multifamily leasing software, has announced the availability of ACE, the industry’s first AI-powered, virtual leasing assistant that delivers a consistent, human-like experience through voice, chat and text. ACE interacts with prospects in a highly conversational manner to answer common leasing questions, collect guest card information and set appointments 24/7.

ACE was designed to capture leads that would otherwise be lost because leasing staff are too busy to answer inbound leasing inquiries over the phone. Operators invest a lot of money in marketing campaigns to attract prospective residents, and if no one is available to answer the phone when they call, that money is wasted. According to LeaseHawk statistics from 2019 and 2020, almost 50% of all inbound calls to leasing offices go unanswered, and more than 80% of callers hang up without leaving a voicemail.

We are passionate about providing a superior customer experience at all of our properties. ACE has proven its effectiveness as a back-up leasing team member that works 24/7 to give prospective renters the answers they need instantly. ACE has already set 699 appointments in Q2 2020.

Jonathan Holtzman, CEO of City Club Apartments

"With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, leasing offices have had to close or operate under reduced hours, increasing the likelihood of missing phone calls," says Mike Mueller, Founder and CEO of LeaseHawk. "ACE solves this problem by always answering the phone, and consistently providing answers to leasing questions and scheduling appointments. In June, ACE converted 41% of prospect calls to appointments. Without ACE, those leads would likely be lost forever."

Management companies have had to make substantial changes to their leasing practices to adapt in this changing environment. "We are passionate about providing a superior customer experience at all of our properties. ACE has proven its effectiveness as a back-up leasing team member that works 24/7 to give prospective renters the answers they need instantly," says Jonathan Holtzman, CEO of City Club Apartments. "ACE has already set 699 appointments in Q2 2020. Those calls were captured and qualified as prospects by ACE."

ACE enables properties to provide a consistent experience to prospective renters around the clock. "In order to successfully operate in this new leasing landscape, you need to leverage technology to connect with prospects on their terms," says Ken McElroy, CEO of MC Companies. "As an extension of our leasing team, ACE converts over 51% of prospect calls to appointments. In just the last 30 days, ACE created 988 guest cards and set 480 appointments."

ACE leverages artificial intelligence to have human-like conversations with prospects over the phone, via text messages, or in a chat window on property websites. Unlike most chatbots, which try to guide prospects through a maze of menu selections, ACE communicates with prospects like a human would -- through natural and interactive conversations. This drives a better customer experience by allowing prospective renters to communicate on their terms, using their desired communication channel. 

To learn more about how ACE is leading the transition to virtual leasing, visit LeaseHawk.


A pioneer in the multifamily industry, our focus at LeaseHawk is to bring emerging technologies to property management companies and owners. Our performance platform and virtual leasing assistant, trusted by leading multifamily companies, were designed to empower you with insight to elevate the key aspects of your business — your people and your marketing. By leveraging artificial intelligence and "big" data you will be able to more effectively manage the relationship with your rental customer.​

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