LeaseHawk Launches Groundbreaking App - Changing the Way You Connect with Your Customer

LeaseHawk announces the launch of its Relationship Management App, the first mobile App focused on managing relationships in the multifamily industry, from lead to resident and beyond.

LeaseHawk today launches its Relationship Management App, the first mobile App focused on managing relationships in the multifamily industry, from lead to resident and beyond.  The App gives users the ability to view and manage their leasing pipeline, organize relationships, improve lead response time and prioritize follow-up, with the tap of a finger.     

Today’s consumers expect personalized service.  The App enables you to uniquely respond to every customer to form lasting relationships that go beyond the lease signing.  We’ve simplified the lease conversion process by consolidating all lead types into one mobile interface.  Users can easily view where each customer is in the leasing process.  Each lead is categorized by current relationship status (Prospect, Applicant, Resident, etc.) easily prioritizing follow-up.  With the ability to view a contact’s entire communication history in one thread, similar to Facebook, you can provide a more personalized experience.

The days of being tethered to your desk, using clunky software and phone systems are gone.  Now, with instant notifications on your device, you immediately know when you receive a communication and can respond instantly, no matter where you are.  “The LeaseHawk App answered the call for a simpler, faster and intuitive solution that focuses on the needs of the customer,” says Mike Cornell, LeaseHawk General Manager. Things are getting personal, in a good way, to completely change the way the industry connects with its customers.

LeaseHawk CEO, Mike Mueller, is no stranger to cutting-edge technology. His pioneering days began over 20 years ago, creating many industry firsts.  He started one of the first Internet Listing Service, AllApartments.  He also developed the first online apartment reservations system, Vaultware.  He leveraged mobile technology, early in the game, with mobile friendly websites and the first leasing tools for tablets.

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LeaseHawk provides multifamily technology solutions focused on Marketing Effectiveness, Employee Performance and an Enhanced Customer Experience. The LeaseHawk platform tracks more than 11 million calls annually, of which over 6.5 million are listened to and scored for multifamily businesses across the country. LeaseHawk technology is responsible for tracking and monitoring tens of millions of dollars in leasing opportunities. LeaseHawk gives you the insight to receive the right leads and provide the right responses to produce the right results. For more information go to


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LeaseHawk provides software powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the apartment industry to track prospects, optimize marketing activities, and close leases faster.

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