Leafboard Introduces the World's Lightest and Most Affordable Freestyle Electric Skateboard


Today Leafboard ushers in a new era of freedom for the world’s eleven million active skateboarders and enthusiasts. 

At a mere 9.7 lbs Leafboard is the lightest freestyle electric skateboard available today. It reaches speeds of up to 19 mph and has a single-charge range of 16 miles. Riders can enjoy lightweight and high performance in an environmentally friendly skateboard that can easily fit in a small backpack. The Leafboard accomplishes all this and has an introductory price of just $299.

Compared to other skateboards on the market, Leafboard has a 10% longer range and is reliable for short or long trips under power for up to 16 miles making it the most commuter friendly choice on the market.  Unlike other electric skateboards, there are significant performance and speed gains resulting from its lighter weight. It’s portable, easy to carry and can simply go farther.  

Leafboard has some advanced features that riders will love. It is one of the strongest skateboards available and can easily handle inclines of up to 28% and the easy to use dynamic braking makes it safer than other boards. The powerful Leafboard battery is embedded in the skateboard deck and has a USB output to charge phones and mobile devices.

Concern for rider safety is paramount and is reflected in Leafboard design and engineering.  A speed limited model is available for younger riders discovering their skateboard passion and all models include integrated safety LED lighting, state of the art braking, and oversized urethane wheels.  Leafboard is powerful and fast, doesn’t compromise rider security and is the safe choice for kids and families.

Leafboard is a company concerned about the environment so great efforts were taken to use natural sustainable materials and a minimum of plastics. Since Leafboard goes longer between charges, it uses less energy too.

Whether riding for pure fun, home from work, or to school, Leafboard will go distances that leaves other skateboards far behind.

Leafboard is currently being launched via a Kickstarter campaign so the company can reward their community of early adopters with special deals and pricing.  

Leafboard Website: http://www.leafboard.club

Leafboard Kickstarter Campaign:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/leafboard/the-lightest-and-most-affordable-electric-skateboard

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