Leading Holistic Dentist Dr. Hank Barreto Connects Oral Health With Whole Body Care

 Holistic Dentist Dr. Hank Barreto

Holistic dentist Dr. Hank Barreto is a third-generation dentist who has been practicing since 1988. Since that time, Dr. Barreto has seen many changes to the field of dentistry, including a greater acknowledgment of the risks of certain traditional treatments and patient preferences shifting toward a more natural, whole-body approach.

Holistic dentistry is an alternative approach to caring for teeth and gums that focuses on the relationship between the health of the mouth and the health of the rest of the body. Dr. Barreto believes that patients should be provided with all of the information needed to make smart choices about dental health. And, that starts with understanding the differences between holistic and regular dentistry.

According to his team, the primary difference between holistic dentistry and regular dentistry is in the approach to care. A holistic (or natural) dentist focuses on maintaining a patient’s overall health during treatment, whereas traditional dentists are concerned primarily with dental health. The holistic approach extends beyond teeth and gums to include mind, body, and spirit, with a strong emphasis on helping patients find balance and overall wellness in their lives.

Dr. Barreto’s staff also incorporates alternative treatments, including acupuncture, naturopathy, and the use of non-toxic materials. Dental amalgam fillings are composed of approximately 50% elemental mercury by weight, a neurotoxin that can harm brain tissue. As a mercury-free dentist, Dr. Barreto relies instead on biocompatible materials to treat patients without introducing harmful substances into the body.

Dr. Barreto believes the whole-body approach behind holistic dentistry leaves patients feeling better in both the short and long term. His team works to make dental care less traumatic to the mind and the body. Readers interested in holistic or metal-free dental care can schedule a visit with Dr. Barreto. Phone consultations are available as well for out of town patients and those who cannot currently leave their home.

To learn more about the benefits of holistic dentistry, please visit www.drhankbarreto.com.


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