Dr. Hank Barreto, Leader in Restorative Dentistry, Welcomes Back Dental Hygienist Leda Rosales

Leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Hank Barreto, a provider of various holistic restorative dentistry procedures, welcomes back a familiar face within the practice.

Dr. Hank Barreto

Dr. Hank Barreto, DMD, a leader in restorative dentistry in Coral Gables, Florida, is excited to be welcoming back fellow colleague Leda Rosales. The dental hygienist began working for Dr. Barreto in 2006 after graduating from Miami Dade College, and has recently re-joined the practice in June of 2021. Along with the entire team, Dr. Barreto is delighted by her return and the stellar services she provides.

Dr. Barreto and the entire practice are excited by the return of Leda Rosales, who recently completed her IAOMT certification. According to Dr. Barreto, this certification is critical in the practice of holistic dentistry. Leda Rosales is enthusiastic about her return and to continue her exceptional dental services for new and returning patients.

Dr. Hank Barreto of Coral Gables has been providing exceptional holistic dentistry and restorative dental services in the Miami area for decades. Dr. Barreto finds it vital to approach oral health as an integral part of the body's overall wellness, and takes pride in how his holistic practices differ from standard treatments. From preventative and general dental care to oral surgery and other treatments, Dr. Hank Barreto explains that the best holistic dentist focuses on the health of an individual's entire being, rather than their dental health and nothing more.

Readers interested in pursuing holistic dentistry in Miami or Coral Gables, or other restorative dental services with Leda Rosales are advised to contact Dr. Hank Barreto's office today to schedule an appointment.

About Dr. Hank Barreto

With over 25 years of biological holistic dentistry experience, Dr. Hank Barreto is proud to be the holistic dentist South Florida relies on. He is a third-generation dentist who has been practicing since 1988, and is always eager to help anyone meet their dental health goals. He provides whole-body care that meets the needs of his patients so that they can find confidence in their smiles—and their oral care.

Source: Dr. Hank Barreto, DMD

About Dr. Hank Barreto

Coral Gables Dentist, Dr. Hank Barreto is dedicated to general dentistry such as Exams, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Makeovers and more. We are looking forward to your visit to our Coral Gables, Florida dental office.

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