Lead Generation Program for Attorneys to Locate Victims of California Wildfire

Are you fighting for victims of California wildfires?

Californi Wildfire Victims Lead Gen

Edward Kundahl, President of BusinessCreator and ForLawFirmsOnly announces special pricing for lead generation for attorneys seeking victims of the devastating California wildfires. The fixed fee pricing for the Rapid Results program has been reduced specifically for attorneys seeking wildfire victims.

Wildfires across the state of California have killed dozens of people and scorched thousands of acres. Devastating wildfires are currently besieging Southern California, including the Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, the Creek Fire in the Sylmar/Kagel Canyon area, and the Rye Fire in Santa Clarita. The fires have displaced hundreds of thousands of residents in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. It has been reported that electric company Southern California Edison’s local facilities are currently under investigation in relation to the cause of at least some of the fires. In October, multiple fires blazed in Northern California, claiming more than 40 lives and destroying thousands of homes.

Our fixed fee pricing for the Rapid Results program has been reduced specifically for attorneys seeking wildfire victims.

Edward Kundahl

President and Owner

Lawyers currently represent hundreds of plaintiffs from Tubbs, Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, and Butte Counties who are holding PG&E accountable for their alleged role in causing the fires. Many people who have lost their homes due to the wildfires are coming to a devastating realization. They thought their homeowner’s insurance policy covered them for their losses – but just the opposite is true. As you know, many older policies don’t come close to providing the coverage these property owners need in order to pick up the pieces. If your firm is fighting for the rights of Wildfire victims, you need to stand out from the crowd of other attorneys and attract potential clients with a legitimate claim that need your expertise to wade through the compensation process.

Edward Kundahl stated, "We can connect attorneys with people suffering due to the Wildfires. Our Rapid Results, fixed fee program pricing has been reduced specifically for law firms seeking to help the California Wildfire victims. There are no pay per click or pay per call charges.  Over time, the cost per call with this program is significantly reduced, increasing the law firm's ROI."

"Our Rapid Results program is designed around our expert skills and takes a holistic approach to lead generation specifically designed for attorneys. It takes advantage of programmatic ad management, the most efficient method to manage PPC programs for maximum call volume. The process is managed by our new team leader, a former Google AdWords Employee responsible for training AdWords Agencies throughout the U.S. for over a decade. The campaigns are optimized for phone calls, mobile, and voice search. We also utilize the power of Facebook ad display to generate quality leads. Our skilled graphic artists work with our marketing team to create high converting display ads and landing pages. We also take advantage of display ad retargeting. Our program has access to approximately 99 percent of all websites that supply ads on Ad Exchange Networks and our platform ties into over 70 different publisher exchanges. We use a unique tracking number for each client campaign. There are daily reports and access to the call tracking portal."

"In addition, we utilize the power of video marketing, creating high converting videos that we rank on Google and YouTube.  The goal is to generate as many quality leads each month for our clients as possible. Over the course of the campaign, the number of quality leads goes up dramatically, reducing the cost per lead substantially. The cost is less marketing dollars than finding clients with radio or TV and far less expensive than PPC," concluded Kundahl.

Contact ForLawFirmsOnly at 855-943-8736 for more information on how we can generate Wildfire leads for your firm.

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